The man posing as a member of the National Security Agency for fraud of 365,000 yuan was sentenced to 13 years

The man posing as a fraudster of the National Security Agency personnel was sentenced to 135,000 diesel generators | diesel generator price / 2010-08-21

"I didn't expect that people are so foolish now." In the detention center, Wu Liangxin, who had just received a court ruling, lowered his head and said. It is this 55-year-old fat man, who uses the mystery and trust of the “national security” of the world, impersonates the staff of the National Security Bureau, and carries out serial fraud. The illegal income is 365,000 yuan, of which the one is his target. There are first love girlfriends. Coincidentally, one year later, he was actually cheated by a fraudulent person in the telecom business hall and was eventually arrested. Recently, the Gulou District Court of Xuzhou City sentenced Wu Liangxin to 13 years’ imprisonment for fraud.
Nature is difficult to move:
After being released from prison, multiple fraudulent marriage targets were
Back in 2007, Wu Liangxin was registered at a marriage agency: 52 years old, widowed, his son in Singapore, a stable professional business, a house with a car, annual income of more than 100,000 yuan, hoping to find a gentle, virtuous, Gu family woman For companionship. In fact, he was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment for fraud and was released just after he was sentenced.
In the winter of this year, Liu Qing, who was nearly 50 years old, received a phone call from a matchmaking agency and said that he has personal conditions that are very good and match you. Not long after, Liu Qing and Wu Liangxin met in a coffee shop. Wu claimed to be a regimental officer before changing trades. When he changed jobs as a public security official for more than 10 years, he now works in the National Security Bureau as a field officer. He has recently opened two companies to do coal and real estate business. Wu Liangxin wearing police uniforms spoke in a decent manner. Liu Qing secretly desired. At the end of January 2008, Wu Liangxin made a phone call and said that he had partnered with others to enter more than 4 million tons of coal. He was hired to filter and filter coal at the coal yard. It needed 80,000 yuan to pay wages and expenses. After the holiday, coal sold for repayment. Hang people.
At first, Liu Qing did not dare to borrow money, and asked Wu's driver Xiao Wang. Xiao Wang said she can take her to the coal yard to see. Later, Liu Ching loaned him 60,000 yuan twice and Wu respectively made an IOU.
Scam show:
After playing affection cards to stabilize the victim, they played and disappeared.
Three months later, Wu Liangxin again asked Liu Qing to borrow money for the purpose of clearing the coal money to the other party, and pledged to borrow money for the next time. He immediately returned the money after the coal money was recovered. Liu Qing refused to refuse, and lent him 40,000 yuan.
In July, Wu Liangxin grinned and found Liu Qing, saying that he used to be an undercover police in the Zhejiang underworld and he owes people a lot of money. Now they are released and asked him to repay his debts, otherwise life is in danger. A poor example of sweet talk, Liu Ching was moved by him and loaned him 210,000 again.
At the end of 2008, the man who was called “Jiege” by Wu Liangxin went to Liu Qingjia to see the calligraphy and painting and chatted with Wu Liangxin. Jie Ge said that Wu is not a member of the National Security Bureau at all, but a labor reformer. Liu Qing listened as if the sky was shining. He felt that he had encountered a complete deceit. He wore police uniforms, belts and wallets are all police, and he is trying to deceive himself with his handcuffs. Wu Liang-Xin felt that he had been "sold up" and worried about Liu Qing's alarm. On the second day he took the initiative to call Liu Qing and said that Liu Qing's feelings were true and he vowed to repay the money. After that, Liu Qing could no longer call the familiar phone.
Skynet restores:
After deceiving her first girlfriend, she was accidentally met by acquaintances.
A few days after getting rid of Liu Qing, Wu Liangxin began to rediscover the object of fraud. Wang Yan is his first love. On this day, at a junction near a supermarket, Wu Liangxin wearing a police uniform "caught up" Wang Yan and said that Wang Yan has never been forgotten. Now that the Security Bureau is at work, it has just been transferred from the law enforcement bureau. In January last year, Wu Liangxin called Wang Yan and said that she had a little house and he urgently needed to transfer 5,000 yuan for the transfer. He repaid after three months. Wu said that he is doing field work in the Security Bureau, is often on business, and is familiar with the heads of various “institutions”. He nevertheless has anything to look for. Wang Yanxin believed it true that she handed over 5,000 yuan to Wu in the afternoon.
Zhao is a relative of Wang Yan. The child entered the detention center because of a fight. I heard that Wang Yan knew the National Security Bureau. The whole family likes to grab the straw and ask Wang Yan to talk about Wu Liangxin. Wu claimed to be able to “fish out” the children, but “fishing people” would have to spend 50,000 yuan for a relationship. On February 4, the Zhao family handed over the money to Wu Liangxin. More than 10 days passed and there was no movement. The Zhao family had heard that the Security Bureau did not have this person at all.
Coincidentally, at the end of March this year, Zhao met Wu in a telecommunications business hall in Xuzhou, Wu Liangxin was quickly arrested. (Characters in the text are all pseudonyms)
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