·The cost advantage has become the killer of car e-commerce

Last week, a second-hand car e-commerce website received a D-round financing of 110 million yuan. Coupled with the huge capital injection from several previous car e-commerce platforms, the capital market has become a normal state of concern and pursuit in this field. .
Similar to the hot situation of SNS websites such as group buying websites and similar Renren.com, some people are full of confidence in the development of auto e-commerce, which is believed to make the relevant practitioners see the hope of success; but some people disdain and think that the car E-commerce is still in its infancy, and no single model has been verified to be absolutely correct. There is no necessary connection between the pursuit of capital and success.
I would like to interpret this phenomenon from another angle. First of all, I must start with the reasons for the formation of the automobile e-commerce. As we all know, e-commerce has entered the ordinary people's homes with the rise of online platforms such as Alibaba and Jingdong, and ordinary consumers have formed the habit of online shopping. Although the car is a large consumer goods, this trading model has won the approval of some consumers through the test of water for several years. Especially in the era of mobile internet, online shopping is truly convenient and fast anytime, anywhere. In fact, this provides a good foundation for car e-commerce.
What should be seen is that the emergence of car e-commerce is closely related to the defects or existing problems of the traditional dealer model. In other words, the 4S shop model is not competitive with respect to the car e-commerce platform in terms of cost control.
Especially in the past year, the sales profit of new cars is getting thinner and thinner. A considerable number of dealers are in the state of selling one car and losing one car. They can only be supplemented by the income from after-sales maintenance. The reason why the contradiction between factories and merchants broke out in 2014 was to say that it was a dispute of interests in the case of selling cars without making money.
The boss of the dealer group often complains to me and says that he is not willing to open a new store at will. Because if you don't make money by selling cars, the land cost, management cost and information cost of opening a new store are very alarming. It will take several years to recover through maintenance and repair.
These three costs are almost negligible for car e-commerce. We try to think about it from another angle. If the dealer chooses to cooperate with the e-commerce platform and hand over the work of selling the car to the mature network platform, and focus on the maintenance and repair, will it solve the cost problem to a large extent?
Of course, this is an ideal state, and there are still many practical problems that need to be solved. But what I want to say is that in addition to the cost advantage of capital investment, auto e-commerce offers new opportunities to reduce the cost of communication between manufacturers and consumers.
Everyone may have a common attitude towards consumer auto rights protection. However, in the end, due to poor communication, the company is very wronged. The consumer is still not satisfied. One of the reasons is that the manufacturers are not communicating well with the consumers. There are often problems with improper handling.
With the car e-commerce platform is completely different. The characteristics of the network are openness, freedom and tolerance. Through the establishment of network communication channels, manufacturers can receive timely opinions from consumers on products. Consumers can also get positive feedback from manufacturers, which makes many problems in the bud. The solution in the state will not lead to a crisis event that both parties are not satisfied with.
Therefore, the person in charge of the automobile company told me that even if the model of the car e-commerce is still controversial, it is worthwhile to reduce the communication cost between the manufacturer and the consumer through the car e-commerce platform and collect the feedback of the real feedback. .
To put it bluntly, if car e-commerce can reduce the cost pressure of traditional dealers, it can solve the problem of selling cars, and at the same time, it can establish a smooth communication channel between manufacturers and consumers, and provide consumers with convenient and fast car buying experience. Is the only correct mode.

Activated Carbon Production Equipment includes activation furnace and Carbonization Furnace.

The working principle of continuous coconut shell carbonization furnace,which is adopting advanced smoke-free and environment-friendly carbonization process.
 The whole set of equipment consists of four parts:1.incineration system
2. Purification system
3. Carbonization system
4. Control system
 The system has applied for a number of patents, environmental protection, time saving, labor saving and energy saving.
Rotary carbonization furnace

The activation method of the Slep Furnace is a method of activating the steam and flue gas alternately. The SLEP Furnace is mainly composed of the furnace body, the regenerator, the water seal, the feeder and the chimney.
It is suitable for the production of various kinds of granular carbon, the process conditions are stable, the quality of the product is uniform, the adsorption performance is good, the production of various advanced activated charcoal, big production capacity , the mechanical automation can be realized, the fuel is not needed, long furnace life  and so on. So it is widely used in the production of international granular activated carbon. 

Rotary activation furnace is an internally heated fluidized bed continuous production activation furnace. The activator is water vapor and flue gas. This method is also used in the production of wood charcoal.

Rotary activated furnaceActivated Carbon Regeneration Furnace is an external indirect heating mode, which is composed of roller, transmission and support mechanism, heating furnace and smoke exhaust device, measurement and control system, feeding mechanism and feeding device, discharging device and sealing device. The aim is to reactivate the used activated carbon for two times.

Activated carbon regeneration furnaceOne-step vertical activation furnace material is put into operation once, which saves time and effort and saves less investment. It is a kind of activation method of alternating activation of water vapor and flue gas. It can realize mechanical automation, without fuel and long service life, so it is widely used in the production of international granular activated carbon.

One-step vertical activation furnace

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Activated Carbon Production Equipment

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