Car care technology maintenance car body three to three do not

Car care is not only the engine and gearbox, but also body maintenance.

Three to:

1. The body must be checked regularly.

The most annoying aspect of the appearance of a car body is rust. The main cause is the direct contact of the gilt metal with the outside world. In addition to common causes, such as collisions, scratches, lay-ups, and rusting, there is also a situation where a small bump caused by the front tire of a car causes a paint bump to appear one by one. Peel off the dots and produce small rust spots. Such small traces are often overlooked. Usually, the body, hood, and body must be inspected around and they must be disposed of as soon as they are discovered.

2. The pre-painted surface of the car should be maintained.

After buying a new car, you should apply a mirror glaze to the body. Mirror glaze is mainly composed of macromolecule polymer, which directly acts on the paint surface. When glazed, the body is washed first, and then the mirror glaze is squeezed into the interior of the paint by vibrating with a polishing machine to form a firm protective film like a net, which greatly improves the hardness of the paint. At the same time, the characteristics of high temperature and ultraviolet resistance better protect the car paint. If the car wash waxes regularly, the mirror glaze effect can be maintained for one year.

3. Put ordinary toothpaste on the car.

Once you find a little new scar, just paint it a little. After raining or washing your car, don't forget to apply it again. It can simply be isolated and there is no problem in the short term. This is just a simple method to deal with, and ultimately it is necessary to go to the beauty shop to completely remove. If you want to save both money and money, you can wait for similar damage on the body and then concentrate on repairs.

Three do not:

1. Do not rub the body with tweezers.

Many drivers habitually use tweezers to wipe the front windscreen and wipe the dust on the paint surface. This is in fact a self-deception. The dumplings contain a lot of sand and dust. The owner uses the same tweezers to clean the car every day. It is like using a guillotine knife to paint on the painter's body and create minor scratches on the paint. The hair washer of the inferior car wash uses nylon and other hard materials. Quality material, the high speed rotation of the wheel during the car wash, has a strong cutting force on the paint surface; some ordinary particles will add some abrasive particles, when the decoration worker is waxing the car, it will be circled and polished, the paint will be The essence of the polish is the process by which these invisible particles will polish the paint. The water wax is soft and volatile, and it cannot penetrate into the interior of the car paint by manual friction. It only enhances the brightness of the car paint, and has no repair function for the paint luster.

2. Vehicles parked outdoors do not cover car clothing.

In case of rainy and rainy weather, wind and rain hit the outside of the garment, the inner layer of the garment will be repeatedly patted with paint, and numerous scratches will be drawn on the body. These scratches will spread throughout the car. Cleaning or waxing can not be completely removed, but over time, it can also cause the paint surface to become black.

3. Do not accumulate water inside the door.

The places where the vehicle body tends to collect water, such as the inner and outer edges of the arc, the bottoms and corners of doors and luggage, etc., take a long time and are prone to rust. If the drain at the lower edge of the door is blocked or not smooth, the rain or the water infiltrating into the car will accumulate in the door for a long period of time. After a certain period of time, it will start to rust from the inside. When it is discovered, it will be difficult to handle. .

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