Microclimate observation instrument in greenhouse

The microclimate observation equipment inside the greenhouse can grow fresh vegetables, allowing us to eat fresh vegetables in any season. The cultivation of greenhouses is inseparable from the suitable climate, and the internal temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration are very high. RYQ -4 Greenhouse Dapeng can simultaneously perform simultaneous monitoring of environmental weather and soil moisture.
First, soil moisture monitoring:
In a field, soil moisture, temperature, and salinity can be monitored in different soil layers at the same location due to the difference in temperature and humidity of the soil layer at different points. The levels can be set to 10 cm, 20 cm, and 30 cm. . Learn about the soil layers.
2. Environmental weather monitoring Sensors such as temperature, relative humidity, light, and carbon dioxide can be fixed on a sensor crossarm that is used for outdoor trigonometric supports.
Third, the data collector portable multi-channel meteorological environment data collector, with multiple measurement channels, full-featured, high-precision detection, AC and DC electricity sharing and other characteristics, and long-term stability in the harsh climate environment work. Can continuously store data industrial control standard design, portable shockproof structure.
Fourth, data transmission
RYQ-4 type farmland has GPRS wireless remote transmission function. Combining software, you can see all the conditions of farmland in the office, and you can also add on-site video surveillance. The first time to understand the seedlings!
Fifth, LED display can be installed in the greenhouse outside the LED display, specifications: 128cm * 60cm. Can be placed on the outside for a long time with a waterproof function, so that the data in the greenhouse is more intuitive and eye-catching.
6. The software adopts B/S architecture mode, mobile phone APP and PC platform. Allows users to view data anytime, anywhere for easy management.
Greenhouse greenhouse microclimate observer escort plant growth!

SMMS Composite Nonwoven Line distributes polypropylene (PP) by two spunbond dies and two meltblown dies. Based on the advantages of SMS composite nonwoven machine, SMMS nonwoven machine produces greater output of nonwoven fabric, higher intensity of nonwoven fabric cover, better permeability of nonwoven fabric.

SMMS nonwoven machine

Main Parameters of SMMS Composite Non-woven Line:

Quantity of Die

Spunbond Unit: 2 sets

Meltblown Unit: 2 sets

Effective Width <mm>






Embossing Pattern





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SMMS Composite Nonwoven Line Series

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