Ball drop rebound tester manual reading and automatic reading must have advantages

The precision of the automatic degree is relatively high, but if the test result is wrong due to an operation mistake or due to the unevenness of the sample, it can be compared with the manual reading, which effectively reduces the probability of mistakes, thereby making the test data more rigorous.

Briquette making machine , mainly consists of two types, roller press type which is also know as ball press machine and disc granulating type which forms the pellet by the rotation of the disc pelletizer, the application of these two briquette making machine is a little different, the ball press machine is mainly used for concentrate, coal, bauxite, clay, and the disc granulator can be used for Oil Proppant Production Plant, cement production plant, however both ball press machine and disc granulator can be used for pellet making in NPK and compound fertilizer production plant.

briquette making machine

Briquette Machine

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