Runbang Heavy Machinery won 4 utility model patents

Recently, Runbang Heavy Machinery obtained “a multi-purpose rotatable hook” authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, “mobile environmentally-friendly fertilizer loading hopper for light-duty bulk cargo ship unloader”, “more than one chassis” Four utility model patents, such as a practical mobile crane and a "dust curtain opening and closing performance test bench". These utility model patents are mainly applied to the "Jema" brand products and accessories.

It is reported that for a long time, Runbang Heavy Machinery has attached great importance to the development of intellectual property rights, has established a relatively complete set of intellectual property work systems, and pays attention to increasing investment in technology research and development every year, and has formed a technology with intellectual property protection as the core. Innovation mechanism, through the patent strategy research and application, continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. So far, Runbang Heavy Machinery has applied for nearly 200 patents. With the continuous development of the company and the continuous extension of the product line, these patented technologies will play an active role in the business activities of product development, production and technical services. The land contributes to improving the efficiency of the company.

Runbang Heavy Machinery won 4 utility model patents

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