Explosion-proof electronic scale function, you know?

Explosion-proof electronic scales use intrinsically safe circuits and explosion-proof explosion-proof technology. Explosion-proof electronic scales are suitable for weighing high-value goods in environments where explosion-proof requirements are required, such as chemical plants, gas stations, and gas stations.

Explosion-proof electronic scale function:

Weighing instrument: LED digital display, easy to read,

Built-in rechargeable battery, AC-DC dual-use explosion-proof ground scale: Explosion-proof electronic scale with stainless steel housing, excellent anti-interference ability Sensor: high-precision load cell, accurate and stable,

Double parallel beam structure, strong lateral resistance,

Protection class IP67;

Junction box: stainless steel junction box.

Main features: net weight, zeroing, peeling, totaling, etc.

Power supply voltage: AC220V+10%, 50HzDC6V4Ah.

Instrument power consumption: <5W.

Protection measures: smart battery power, automatic shutdown.

Communication interface: Rs232c can be connected to a micro printer.

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