How to deal with the earthquake? Hiding in the safe room

How to deal with the earthquake? Quickly hid in a safe room , which is a safe hideout for residents in private homes or hotels for the threat of burglary and other threats. Security rooms usually provide communication equipment so that users can get in touch with the outside world and receive timely assistance.
There is a dedicated surveillance system in the security room to monitor the outdoor situation. This allows us to keep abreast of the situation outside and thus increase many possibilities for the safety of life. The security room is also equipped with a satellite phone, with GPS positioning; global coverage; satellite phone line with the United States Department of Defense military standards, dust, shock, shock, splashing. Has a programmable location service (LBS) menu. Satellite emergency notification device, compatible with programmable SOS button. High-gain antenna for real-time tracking (with GPS enabled SOS). Support online tracking and GoogleMap business. The safe room is equipped with three kinds of breathing air recharging systems that work independently, which are filtered compressed air, medical oxygen tanks, and oxygen cylinders. The entire safety room consists of a steel structure with an internal air supply system, a carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide purification system, a power supply system, and a communication system, together with sufficient water and food.
There are also some evasion points in our lives that safeguard our lives. The simplest security room is a door and slat reinforced wardrobe. More expensive security rooms, such as those built for celebrities and professional managers, are reinforced with steel sheets or doors and doors reinforced with Pfeiffer. Louvers and hinges are usually reinforced with long screws. Some safe rooms include a platooning ventilation system and a separate telephone line. In addition, if the wooden houses cannot provide sufficient support, the safety room can be built in the basement with concrete walls.
If there is an earthquake, we can hide in a safe room. There are communication equipment in the safe room, and there is food for everyone to live for a few days to wait for rescue. It can be said that it is an indispensable part of our lives.
How to deal with the earthquake? Hiding in the safe room

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