Jianghuai Navistar Maasfu wins the Most Trusted High-Efficiency Mid-engine Award from Chinese Truck Users

The 3rd "Discover Trust - China Truck Users Survey and Selection Activities" sponsored by China Truck Network was held on January 18, 2018 in Beijing. Domestic mainstream truck companies and engine manufacturers gathered in this selection activity. Engine selection models also included a variety of "masters" of China's commercial vehicle power market. Users nomination "JAC Navistar Mai Sifu engine" that airplane advanced fuel-saving technology strength, excellent engine performance, field crew vote approval granted JAC Navistar engine Damai Roosevelt "2018 Annual China Truck users trust the most efficient medium engine award.
JAC Navistar JAC Navistar Wins the Most Trusted High-Efficiency Mid-Engine Award

The Maisford 4.8L series diesel engine, the flagship product of the MAXXFORCE engine brand of the United States Navistar Group, is a power product that combines high efficiency, high adaptability, high economy, and high reliability. Can fully meet the power requirements of light trucks, mid-size cards and passenger cars. Maxwell 4.8L series diesel engine's maximum power, maximum torque and minimum external fuel consumption rate all occupy the leading position in the domestic four-cylinder diesel engine market.

At present, the Maisford series engines have achieved full coverage of the mainstream wheelbases and mid-size cards in the JAC, and can be seen on various star models such as the JAC Kagra K6, K3, A5 and JAC Vida China Card. The presence of the Maisford series engine has also been increasing in the market share.

It is understood that the Maisford 4.8L series engine is a 4-cylinder and 16-valve structure, adopts 4-valve independent cylinder head, ultra-low coefficient of friction valve system, staged combustion technology, matching high-efficiency waste gas bypass turbocharger and German Bosch 1800bar high voltage Common rail direct injection technology, the maximum power of 190 horsepower, and continuous output of 740N.m maximum torque in the 1200-1800 rev / min speed range, while the aircraft's full load minimum fuel consumption rate is only 196g / kW. h, the life of the whole B10 is up to 500,000 kilometers.

At the same time, the engine adopts the design idea of ​​high-pressure common rail, supercharged intercooling and SCR, which fully meets the national V regulations and can easily be upgraded to national VI emissions. Relying on advanced staged combustion chamber technology, it has greatly reduced the fuel consumption rate. It is understood that the new Kelfa K6 product has an economic speed of 70-80 kilometers per hour, and the fuel consumption is estimated to be 16L per 100 kilometers, which is only about 9 cents per kilometer, which is truly the lowest in the same category. In addition, the advanced SCR aftertreatment system of the 4.8L Maersfoy engine ensures that the vehicle is more powerful at the start of acceleration while ensuring lower fuel consumption and urea consumption. It can easily meet the national environmental discharge standards and is also easier to maintain.

Not only that, because the machine's fuel injector uses a nitriding process, making it the highest temperature up to 450 °C (ordinary injector temperature is 300 °C), can significantly increase the exhaust auxiliary braking power, enhance driving safety. In terms of quiet performance, the engine is equipped with a crankshaft balancer, which ensures a smoother power output and lower noise than comparable models, gaining wide acclaim from customers.

JAC Navistar Truck users trust Jac Navistar

Maisford engine users are located in the Northeast, North China, Central China, East China, South China, Southwest, Northwest seven regions, more than 30 provinces and cities. In order to collect more user feedback as the selection criteria, the China Truck Network Survey Group visited BES Huitong, Yunda, Yuantong, Shentong, Sitong Logistics, Xintai Petrochemical, Feiteng Express, Shenghua Oil Products, Hengchang Logistics, and Kungan Road. More than 600 logistics parks and more than 60 large-scale logistics companies throughout the country, such as Tongji and Cat Express, have received more than 20,000 users for investigation. During this period, the user representative gave praise to the power and economy of the Maisford 4.8L engine.

The first car purchased by Yuantong Express Co., Ltd. Hefei Jingkai Subsidiary Co., Ltd. at the beginning of its establishment in 2013 was the Jacquard engine equipped with the Maasfu engine. The Maasfu engine has high fuel economy and high durability, and the driving process can hardly be heard. The characteristics of noise to the engine have been recognized by all drivers. Ren Yi, the person in charge, told reporters: “In the past four years, the outstanding performance of JAC trucks has made everyone very satisfied. In short, the Maisfu engine is safe and reliable, with a quick start, strong power, low fuel consumption, high attendance, and strong resistance. rough."

At the activity site, the relevant person in charge of Jianghuai Navistar said: “The continuous upgrading of China’s automobile emission standards and changes in the logistics transportation market structure have put forward higher requirements for the performance of commercial vehicle engines. In the future, Jianghuai Navistar will A new generation of large-displacement engines will be selected and put into operation. The company will also be committed to providing customers with engines that meet China's higher emission standards to meet customers' current and future demand for high-end diesel engines and provide customers with reliable and powerful power."


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