Safety technical measures for coal mining face passing through old road

Coal Mining Face Passing Old Roadway Safety measures

(1) Overview of the work surface

1. Working situation

Working face recovery, coal seam thickness, dip angle, top and bottom plate conditions, etc.

2, the old lane situation

The spatial position relationship between the old lane and the working surface, the form, parameters and conditions of the old lane support, the gas and the water exploration in the old lane.

3. Other matters needing to be explained

(2) Technical solutions and requirements

1. Technical construction plan

According to the mining technical conditions of the working face, the spatial position relationship of the old lane and the working face, etc., the technical construction plan of the old lane is determined. Including old lane treatment measures (whether to strengthen support, whether to recycle the bracket, whether to set up rafts, whether to fill the treatment, etc.), whether the work surface is mining, whether it is raised (pitch) mining, height adjustment.

2. Other technical requirements

(3) Preparations before the old lane

Explain the top management of the working face, the preparation of materials and the early treatment of the old road, the early detection of gas and water, and local ventilation.

(4) Engineering quality and safety management requirements

1. Roof management measures and requirements

Improve the stability of the supporting system of the old road section, strengthen the protection of the roof (bottom, gang) measures, and the requirements for the firing of the working face of the old lane.

2. Safety facilities management and requirements

3. Prevention of water and gas control requirements

4, emergency, spare material configuration

Emergency, spare material name, quantity and location requirements.

5. Other management requirements.

(5) Drawings

1. Plan view of the working surface

Reflect the relationship between the old lane and the working plane.

2, sectional view

It is necessary to reflect the relationship between the old lane and the working surface and the old roadway treatment measures.

Remarks: For the old lanes with water and gas threats, special safety technical measures for preventing and controlling water and preventing gas are separately prepared.

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