The general manager of Ko Lan Su visited the Kosan Sustaining Station to gain users a good reputation

Kelansu Automotive Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. Since its establishment, Qin Jian, General Manager of Komori, has led the R&D team and employees to make every effort to achieve the success of today's Koran. .

Compared with sales volume, user word of mouth is the most important thing for Koan. It seems to be the temperament of the body of the brand. Where is the market for kinesin and where is the pace of General Manager Qin Jian? It is his daily work to conduct in-person inspections of various markets in person to understand the market conditions and customer satisfaction of the company.

General Manager Qin Jian Visits Kelansu Refueling Station in Chongqing General Manager Qin Jian Visits Kelansu Refueling Station in Chongqing

On May 26, 2018, Qin Jian, the general manager of Komori, visited the Kosansu refueling station market in Chongqing. Qin Jian personally asked and observed the service conditions of the Kosansu refueling station. He interviewed the driver user and asked Its replenishment experience. During the visit, he received 100% satisfactory feedback. This is more important to Qin and Koan.

The market reputation of Kelansu today is inextricably linked with the progress of General Manager Qin Jian and the efforts of all employees. Always provide users with quality products, always think of the user's thoughts, word of mouth is not the best word of mouth.


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