The refined oil price will meet the downward adjustment of the price adjustment next Monday.

On July 18, the 7th working day of the current round, Zhongyu Information estimated that the rate of change of crude oil was -2.09%, and the valuation of crude oil was $74.118 per barrel, which was $1.586 per barrel lower than the benchmark price. Zhongyu Information Oil Products Analyst Yang Xiaofen told the "Securities Daily" reporter yesterday that it is expected to cut the price limit of refined oil by 90 yuan/ton at 24 o'clock on July 23.

On July 18, Zhongyu Information monitored the average wholesale price of PetroChina and Sinopec in 30 major provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities: Guowu 92# gasoline was 8157 yuan/ton, down 8 yuan/ton from the previous working day; Guowu 0# diesel It was 6,999 yuan / ton, down 7 yuan / ton from the previous working day.

Yang Xiaofen said that US crude oil production may decline to support oil prices, but the US dollar rose sharply and API crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased to limit the rebound of oil prices. International crude oil closed up in a narrow range, but did not bring good support to the domestic oil market. The market conditions of various regions continued to decline steadily. The prices in North China, East China, South China, Southwest China and Northwest China all dropped by RMB 100/ton to RMB 200/ton.

Jin Lianchuang's oil product analyst Han Zhengji told the "Securities Daily" reporter yesterday that due to multiple negative factors, crude oil prices have fallen sharply on Monday, although the supply side is not lacking bullish news, but the news has been the United States. Reports of the release of reserve crude oil have not been able to effectively support oil prices. After the market's concerns about crude oil supply have gradually dissipated, the current multiple negative factors may weigh on the continued decline in oil prices.

Yang Xiaofen said that the oil market is oscillating lower and the oil price is likely to lower. It is expected that the price reduction will continue to increase, and the market for its own depressed oil market will be bearish, the traders will be cautious, and the market will wait and see the market mentality. The transaction was scarce, the sales activities of the main units were under pressure, and the actual transactions were more favorable. The short-term overall market continued to be weak.

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