What documents are required for the fuel truck?

The fuel truck is a "small gas station" that can flow, it has the advantages of strong mobility, low investment and high profit. The emergence of fuel trucks has greatly facilitated our lives, saving time and improving work efficiency for those who need a mobile fuel truck. Many people now want to buy a fuel truck. Since the fuel truck is a dangerous goods transport vehicle, its use requires a lot of documents in advance, but I heard that some procedures can't be done at all. Why? What are the documents?


The state's supervision of dangerous goods transport vehicles is very strict. After all, it is necessary for the safety of the public. Therefore, in order to operate a mobile fuel truck, it must obtain a number of business licenses as stipulated by the state, including the dangerous chemicals business license. Certificate, "Wholesale Oil Wholesale License", "Road Transportation Operation Permit", etc., and also have strict requirements and restrictions on the vehicles used in the operation, and finally obtain the permission of the relevant quality inspection department before they can apply. Household management procedures.


The parking and management of mobile fuel trucks are also strictly required. Special mobile fuel truck sheds must be set up and the corresponding signs should be properly marked. The process of driving a refueling truck on the road should also pay attention to avoiding other vehicles. The driving of the vehicle is carried out by a special person. Others can not use the refueling vehicle without permission.


The staff who operate the fuel truck must undergo professional training and participate in the corresponding assessment before they can go to work. In the usual work, pay attention to check the specific conditions of the oil pump, valve, oil pipeline and other parts. Only after confirming can the equipment be started. The daily inspection records must be filled out, so the operation of the mobile fuel truck is more complicated, and the danger is also relatively large. It is not only related to personal safety, but also designed to public safety, so the operator's sense of responsibility is very important. of.

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