The 3rd Jiangsu “*美农机合作社” “*美农机手” “*美加油员” appeared in Jurong

On September 17, 2019, the third Jiangsu “*美农机合作社” “*美农机手” “*美加油员” selection and commendation event was held in Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Vocational and Technical College. More than 150 people from 13 provinces and municipalities, 48 ​​representatives of agricultural machinery and representatives of relevant units attended the event. Deputy Director of the Provincial Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department Shen Yi, Dean of the Jiangsu Agriculture and Forestry Vocational and Technical College, Wu Jianhua, and the chief accountant of Sinopec Jiangsu Branch, Liu Qun, attended the selection and commendation activities and won 10 “*美农机合作社” and 10 “* The US agricultural machine operator and 10 "* US fuelers" presented the award.

Deputy Director Shen Yi pointed out that in recent years, Jiangsu Province has increased the support of agricultural machinery cooperatives, strengthened the standardization of agricultural machinery cooperatives, focused on typical demonstrations*, strengthened the training of agricultural machinery skills, actively promoted the joint construction of enterprises and enterprises, and effectively promoted the sustainable and healthy development of agricultural machinery cooperatives and agricultural machinery. The construction of skilled talent team. By the end of 2018, there were 12,000 agricultural machinery operation service organizations in the province, including nearly 9,000 agricultural machinery cooperatives, and the number of employees entering the society exceeded 520,000. The service area of ​​agricultural machinery cooperatives exceeded 60% of the total, and the income from agricultural machinery social services reached 320. More than 100 million yuan. A new service model with Jiangsu characteristics, such as joint farming, full trusteeship, family farm cluster, “full mechanization + integrated agricultural service center” has been gradually formed. This year's "*美农机合作社", "*美农机手", "*美加油员" selection campaign was held to enhance the operational skills of agricultural machinery operators, deepen the construction of agricultural machinery cooperatives, and guide agricultural machinery service organizations to explore "scale, standardization, The development of high-quality, brand-based new ways to promote the horizontal expansion and vertical extension of the agricultural machinery social service chain, and improve the level and efficiency of the agricultural machinery service agricultural production industry chain.

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