What is the single temperature of a refrigerated truck, and what is the temperature of a refrigerated truck?

What is the difference between single temperature and multi temperature for refrigerated trucks? Please see the article below.
With the accelerated development of the cold chain transportation industry, the functions of refrigerated trucks are more and more. Different food varieties and temperature requirements have led to single-temperature zone refrigerated trucks and multi-temperature zone refrigerated trucks. What is the difference between them? ?

First, single temperature zone refrigerated truck

The single-temperature zone refrigerated truck refers to the function of cooling and cooling, that is, one that can only ensure that the temperature in the tank reaches the minimum temperature required by the customer. Its main feature is that it is suitable for single item transportation because the temperature is consistent and it is convenient for storage.

Second, multi-temperature zone refrigerated truck

The multi-temperature zone refrigerated truck can be used for heating and cooling. It is more suitable for cold weather in the north. When the ambient temperature is already below zero, the items that need the preservation temperature are transported to achieve the effect of heating and heating. Multi-temperature zone refrigerated trucks need to partition the car body. Each zone can set different temperatures to store and transport different kinds of fresh goods, increase the application range, and avoid the half-storage state common in single-temperature zone refrigerated trucks. It avoids waste of resources and reduces transportation costs. The multi-temperature zone refrigerated truck can realize the transportation of multiple cargoes in the same batch, and maximize the advantages of inter-regional vehicle transportation, save transportation time, reduce transportation costs, and ensure different temperature requirements of different goods, and improve people. The overall quality of life.

In summary, whether it is a single-temperature zone refrigerated truck or a multi-temperature zone refrigerated truck, they all have their own advantages. The choice is to adapt to local conditions. For example, friends in the south can directly choose a refrigerated truck in a single-temperature zone. The economy is cost-effective, and friends in the north are Multi-zone refrigerated trucks can be considered, with many functions and strong applicability.

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