How to choose QR code access control?

With the continuous development of modern technology, the two-dimensional code access control has entered thousands of households, but how to choose the right two-dimensional code access control is also the trouble of many engineering companies and managers, let us explain it.
Whether it is traditional access control or two-dimensional code access control, security is the most important and the main consideration. Security issues are not resolved. It is useless to have advanced features. In addition to the advantages of traditional access control security, the two-dimensional code access control has many advantages.
First of all, the dynamic two-dimensional code, the first question to consider when choosing a two-dimensional code access control is definitely whether there is a function of dynamic two-dimensional code. If there is no dynamic QR code, it will be easy to be copied by the person to open the QR code, which is a considerable security risk. With the dynamic two-dimensional code access control system, there will be no such problem. The two-dimensional code of the dynamic two-dimensional code is different every time, and the two-dimensional code is copied by means of screen capture and photographing. There are also pass records that are not well understood by everyone. Pass-through records are essential in both traditional access control and two-dimensional code access control. Through the recording, you can know who opened the access control, and the QR code can record the transit time, passers-by and other related information. You can record the transit time of the illegal QR code. Knowing the time, you can monitor who knows who is using the illegal QR code to open the door. In this way, if something happens, we can also take records to view, so that it is well documented and can greatly reduce the occurrence of security incidents. The encryption of communication, the two-dimensional code access control should support the function of communication encryption in communication. With communication encryption, data can be prevented from being tampered with during communication, and the security is greatly enhanced. This makes the manager easy, the user is easy and convenient for everyone. In addition to the need to meet security, you need to add some features that traditional access control does not have, optimize and enhance the user experience, the following features are optional, but if you have, then the QR code access control is your best choice.
Share the QR code. In the visitor's visit, the two-dimensional code access control has an absolute advantage over the traditional access control. A qualified two-dimensional code access control, while sharing the QR code for the visitor, requires a QR code that can generate timeliness and frequency. The QR code expires after the number of uses or the time of use. In this way, we don't have to receive electricity, and we hurriedly go out to open the door for the visitors or to greet them. Offline, online use. Offline use should have the function of offline whitelisting, and store the traffic record, connect the server to transfer the data to the server; while online use, in addition to use in the local area network, also support cross-Internet communication, arrange the program to the cloud server You can set and view the access control by means of the Internet wherever you are. I personally think this is super convenient, no matter what circumstances we use to scan the code is really very smooth. The choice of two-dimensional code access control, the purpose is to make the user more convenient, try not to download the software, now too much software has been overwhelmed by the mobile phone, the QR code access control should use the micro xin small program to open the door, you can go after using it; Moreover, the scanning speed should be fast, and the speed requires the QR code read head to support hardware decoding, so that the access control can be opened in one second. And no longer have to download a variety of software, it is really convenient and convenient.

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