Faster, better understand you, smarter! itc cloud conference control system takes you to experience the new feeling of meeting

Entering the era of industrial Internet, with the itc cloud conference control system , the conference room has gradually become a convenient, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, more understanding, smarter and more diverse office space.

Intelligent system in conference room

The so-called cloud conference control system is a modern conference mode that centrally controls various conference equipment and conference environments. The simple wiring method reduces construction and maintenance costs and realizes sound, light, electricity, video All-round control of information, highly integrated design, greatly improve conference efficiency.

Compared with the inconveniences of traditional conferences that require multiple devices to match and a single operation, the itc cloud conference control system is simple and easy to use, audio and video are integrated into a touch terminal, and the entire conference room equipment can be controlled with one key on the mobile APP While improving efficiency, it reduces the difficulty of operation. Save time and manpower, ensure efficiency, and adapt to the development of the new era, innovation makes the meeting more experience.

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