Investigate the hidden dangers of gas alarms

At present, on the basis of use, the performance of the gas alarm is very high, which brings a safe valve performance to our enterprise. In more cases, once the effect is lost, it will produce huge safety Hidden danger performance, so for some of the hidden dangers of these gas alarms, it is mainly manifested on the three major surfaces. In more cases, it is a phenomenon caused by the aging of the sensor.
The understanding of gas alarms is currently a kind of safety protection meter product. When the harmful gas leaks and reaches a certain concentration, it will quickly sound the alarm, which is also to prevent accidents. A kind of safe device product, the core equipment of the current gas alarm is mainly a sensor that is used by catalytic combustion, the sensitivity will be reduced by about 10% to 30% every year, and the corresponding life is only In two to five years, if aging occurs, it will not have any alarm function, so some technical characteristics shown by the gas alarm still need to be determined by professionals.
For the many troubles caused by the hidden danger of the gas alarm, we must carry out the necessary understanding, find the knot, and really use it for the people.

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