Maize plant type analysis system provides technical support for maize plant type breeding

Since Donald proposed the concept of "ideal plant type" in 1968, plant type analysis of corn and other crops has become one of the key contents in the subsequent breeding research. Corn plant type is one of the phenotypic characteristics of corn. To facilitate breeding experts to quickly and accurately obtain this data, Top Yunun launched a corn plant type analysis system based on image recognition and counting.

Corn plant type analysis system

Corn is an important food and feed dual-use material, but also an important economic and industrial raw material. In the agricultural field, breeding and improving crops have always been an important means to improve the yield and quality of corn planting. In modern breeding research, the reason why corn plant type breeding research has attracted much attention is mainly because corn plant type breeding covers morphological, physiological and ecological breeding. In all aspects of the plant, various plant type traits affect each other and ultimately determine the yield. For example, a good corn plant type with a straight plant type structure is conducive to an increase in planting density, thereby more efficiently using environmental conditions such as water, temperature, and nutrients to promote its growth and development and improve yield quality. Therefore, the measurement and analysis of the corn plant type analysis system and the construction of an ideal corn plant type are a new idea of ​​modern breeding and an effective breeding method.

At present, in terms of plant phenotype measurement and analysis, image recognition technology is becoming more and more mature, so the reliability and accuracy of related plant phenotype instruments based on this technology have also been significantly improved, and the advantages are highlighted. For example, the corn plant type analysis system is used for Measurement and analysis of corn plant type can obtain multi-parameter characteristic data of corn plant type at one time, such as overall parameters: convex hull area, circumscribed rectangular area, aspect ratio, side viewing angle compactness, side viewing angle projection area, plant height; local key Parameters: spacing of stem nodes and stem thickness, leaf length, leaf curvature, angle between stem and leaf, etc. The instrument has high measurement and analysis efficiency and low cost, which can greatly improve the breeding efficiency and effect, and plays an important role in further promoting the development of breeding informatization.

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