Stainless steel vault door purchase and use skills

For the purchase of stainless steel vault doors, first look at the steel plate: if you buy carbon steel, it depends on whether the manufacturing process is cold-rolled steel or hot-rolled steel. Usually, we choose cold-rolled steel to be harder. If we choose If it is stainless steel, it is necessary to see whether it is 201 or 304. The quality of 201 is inferior. If it is used for a long time, the possibility of rust may occur, and 304 is a grade higher than it. Of course, the price is 201. double
1. The locks on the vault door use advanced mechanical locks and mechanical blade locks, which can set or change the password arbitrarily, have strong confidentiality, and have good technical opening performance. The luxurious stainless steel vault door can be equipped with international UL safety certified password locks. The actuator of the lock is light, flexible and stable during operation.
2. The 50mm space in the middle of the vault's facade is filled with four-in-one special fireproof materials. The facade adopts a double-layer fireproof structure, which has excellent fireproof function. At the same time, all steel parts are anti-corrosive, safe and durable.
3. The exterior of the luxurious stainless steel vault door is completely covered with matte hairline stainless steel plate, which is beautiful and luxurious in appearance and strong and durable. At the same time, a stainless steel fence gate is installed behind the vault door to provide safety protection for the staff working in the vault.
4. According to the user's ordering requirements, the treasury door can be provided with additional devices: such as alarms and alarm signal transmission devices for foreign alarms: when the safety re-locking device is opened destructively, it can effectively prevent the movement of the locking mechanism and prevent the door from being opened; Electronic password lock or fingerprint lock with high-performance microprocessor, easy to operate and strong confidentiality; can also be equipped with emergency small door to provide another emergency access to the vault

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