Agricultural Meteorological Monitor Provides Fine Weather Forecast for Agricultural Production

"Storing grain in the ground, storing grain in the technique", traditional agricultural field management depends on the world and the crops. Now, with the development of science and technology, the monitoring of the meteorological environment can be completely handed over to the agricultural meteorological monitor . At present, with the ever-increasing requirements of refined agricultural planting, in order to get rid of the strong dependence of agricultural development on the natural climate environment, modern agriculture has also put forward refined development requirements for meteorological services. Combined with the production needs of various regions, the use of agricultural meteorological monitors to strengthen the monitoring of various agro-meteorological environments and provide refined meteorological forecasts for agricultural production has become an important means for improving the level of meteorological services in various regions.

The purpose of refined meteorological forecasting is to directly or indirectly forecast light, heat, water and other conditions in the agricultural planting area, and then correctly guide agriculture to achieve the goals of disaster prevention and reduction, and quality and efficiency improvement of agricultural products. Refined weather forecasting has multiple functions, reflected in multiple stages of the planting process, such as planting suitability analysis, phenology forecast, pest and disease forecast, cold damage forecast, flowering high temperature forecast, dry and hot wind forecast, drought and flood forecast and agricultural meteorological disaster forecast, etc. Therefore, strengthening fine weather forecasting can be said to be an important part of modern agricultural scientific management. To achieve refined meteorological forecasting, we must first obtain accurate and real-time meteorological data. In this process, agricultural meteorological monitors played an important role.

Agricultural meteorological monitors can collect and record multiple meteorological environment data in real time, allowing managers to effectively grasp the meteorological environment changes in the planting area, providing agricultural production decision makers with more accurate, real-time and efficient agricultural decision-making, and effectively preventing natural disasters. While avoiding disaster losses, through reasonable production management and control, comprehensively improve agricultural efficiency, ensure production safety, improve output and quality, and truly realize strong farmers, rich farmers and beneficial farmers.

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