LED portable light uses brand light source

The LED portable light has been humanized for a long time, and adopts the LCD display screen to display different lighting modes in real time. The intuitive power display can realize the stepless dimming manually. The LCD display screen can intuitively display the lighting time of the battery power;
Using international dingji brand LED light source, high luminous efficiency, service life up to 100,000 hours, ultra-low power consumption, strong light can work continuously for more than 8 hours, floodlight reaches 12 hours, spotlight reaches 16 hours, lighting can be used separately 10%~100% stepless dimming matching on-site use; fully meet the needs of various types of operation lighting time, safety and humanized design The red and yellow (optional) warning lights are set on the back of the lamp head, which can effectively deal with the on-site use. The vehicle acts as a warning, protects the safety of on-site operators, and meets the lighting needs of different locations.

KF94 Mask Production Equipment and Supporting Equipment

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