Plant protection information system brings great value to agricultural production

With the development of smart agriculture, smart plant protection has become more and more intense. Many pest management projects have begun to promote the application of plant protection information systems . So what is plant protection information technology? What value can it bring to agricultural production? Let’s take a look today with the editor of Agricultural Instrument Network!

Plant Protection Information System

Simply put, when you encounter an insect, you can use a device to scan the insect or take a photo of the insect to know whether the insect is a pest or a beneficial insect. If it is a pest, you can also know how to control it. This kind of pest method; when the field plants show abnormal behavior, you can use a device to scan the plant or take a photo of the plant, you can know what disease the plant has or what pest is inflicted, and you can also know what it should be. How to manage; at home or in the office, or even when traveling, you can know the growth of plants in the field, the occurrence of pests and diseases, and the possible occurrence of pests in a certain period in the future, and automatic warning of possible diseases and pests.

Now it can be achieved by using a professional plant protection information system. In this information system, high-precision agricultural Internet of Things sensors and high-definition cameras are used to collect information such as seedling condition, soil moisture condition, disease and insect pest condition, and moisture condition online, realizing real-time online acquisition and storage of agricultural insect condition, disease and environmental information . Based on the collected information, intelligent analysis, decision-making, etc., can be used to accurately predict and forecast pests and diseases, and propose targeted prevention and control measures. The plant protection information system is a comprehensive management platform that can remotely monitor the pest information of multiple plots, and facilitate the agricultural management departments at all levels to do well in the management of pest control and prevention and control in their jurisdictions.

I believe that with the further development of smart agriculture, plant protection technology will become more and more mature. Through the system, the system will automatically carry out pest warning, automatically identify pests, weeds, and rodents, and automatically control pests, weeds, and rodents, reducing manpower and material resources to maximize Economic, ecological and social benefits.

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