Angricultural Tyre, Implement Tyre (13.0/65-18)

  • Model NO.: 13.0/65-18
  • Diameter: 15-16"
  • Certification: ISO, DOT, CCC, ECE
  • Tire Design: Bias Belted Tyre
  • Brand: Winctor/Rolling Stone
  • Tyres: Various Patterns and Sizes
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Trademark: ROLLING STONE
  • Origin: China
  • Classification: Tires
  • Type: Tubeless
  • Usage: Tractors
  • Tread Pattern: Dual Purpose Tread Pattern
  • Main Market: Global
  • Ceitificates: DOT, CCC, ISO9001, etc.
  • Place of Origine: Shandong, China
  • Specification: ISO
  • HS Code: 4011940099
Tyre/Farm Tyre/Agricultural Tyre/Implement Tyre 13.0/65-18
1. This agriculture tire have small in rolling resistance and sideslip-preventing.
2. This agriculture tire are suitable for diving in high speed and saving oil and beneficial.
3. This agriculture tire with Low rolling resistance, good wear and cracking resistance, and heat dissipation

We are tyre manufacturer with CCC, ISO9001: 2000 STANDARD, our main products range:
Agricultural tyre (R1), Agricultural tire (F2), Agricultural Tricycle and Auto tyre(RIB, LUG), paddy field high tread tyre (R2, R4), irrigation tyre(R1), implement tyre ( I-1, MIX RIB), light truck tyre with ( LUG, RIB and MIX), heavy duty tyre with (LUG, RIB and MIX RIB), fork lift tyre, skid steer tyre(G2), OTR tyre ( E3 / L3), specific pattern ( Bamboo), and some PCR &TBR etc.

1 The quality is certificated.
2 Reasonable and competitive price you want.
3 Leading tire manufacture and advanced production line.
4 Heavy duty bearing, long use period with strong configurations.
5 Our perfect service in fast and creditable delivery.
6 We will supply the free after-service when you buy tires from us

How to use the tyres correctly
"Pressure is the tyre's life, " a direct impact pressure is normal to tyre life, so in order to reduce operating costs and the performance of the tyre can give full play, in the inflated tyre must pay attention to the following:
(1) driving car trains will have to wait after the tyres heat plus gas, because traffic will increase when the tyre temperature, and pressure impact.
(2) to check the valves. When combined with valves and valve core is not flat, there is the phenomenon of protruding recessed and other defects are not easy to inflate and the amount of air pressure.
(3) inflatable should pay attention to cleanliness. The air filled with water and oil can not prevent the deterioration of rubber inner tube damage.
(4) inflation should not exceed the standards too much, and do not travel abroad because of the long-term inflation and too much can not be inflated. Due to excessive over-done too much will lead to cord, causing the strong decrease of tyre life.
(5) inflatable operation carefully. Inflatable lips before the dust should be wiped off the valve, do not loose valve core. After the application of Pneumatic Valve lather wipe the mouth, check for leaks. If the leak will have a row of small bubbles. The valve cap will be tightened to prevent sediment entering the internal valve
(6) measured the air pressure inside the tyre must use a standard barometer to test, not just by the eye view, percussion and other experience to judge.
(7) air compressor gauge on the pressure does not show the actual pressure with the same tyre.
(8) even in the case of overloading operation, can not indefinitely increase the tyre pressure. By comparison of the data and the actual results to 12.00R20-18 specifications, for example, even in the case of severe overloading of 12 inflatable pressure is sufficient to play more, can only increase the chance of a puncture.

Our Own Brand WINCTOR/ROLLING STONE. We promise competitive pricing, prompt delivery and good service, and are looking for qualified distributors worldwide, offering market protect and tyre warrenty policies to protect our customers long-term benefits.
Pattern Size Ply Overall Diameter (mm) Section Width (mm) Rim Load Capacity (kgs) Inflated Pressure(Kpa) Type
F-600 10.0/80-12 8 710 264 9 1250 310 TL
F-600 10.0/80-12  10    710 264  9.0  1440    390   TL
F-600 10.0/75-15.3 10 760 264 9 1525 390 TL
F-600 11.5/80-15.3 12 865 290 9 2145 410 TL
F-600 12.5/80-15.3 14 875 307 9 2810 510 TL
F-600 13.0/65-18 14 890 336 11 2575 430 TL

1. Application:
Sanitary diaphragm valves are widely used in the process of producing wine, dairy, and beverage, food industry as well as in pharmaceutical field, and play the role as control box switch in order to control the pipeline fluid.

2. Working principle:
Diaphragm valves is closed in a normal state, the diaphragm close to the body cavity, closed pipe flow leads to the path, When the diaphragm valve needs to clean western open, just need to manual rotating the hand wheel or drive control actuator to stimulate the stem upward movement if the spherical diaphragm followed up bending.
So that the valve to form a conduction state, shell realization cleaning and the purpose to open. The diaphragm to the lower part of the body cavity and the upper valve cover cavity separated from the stem at the upper part of the diaphragm, spool and other parts from the corrosive media, eliminating the need to packing seal structure, and will not produce the media leak. Optimized body design, so that the cleaning solution completely excretion. There is no retention.

3. Material:
Steel parts: Stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L.
Sealing: EPDM+RTFE


Standard: DIN, 3A, ISO,SMS,RJT

Control mode:Manual Type & Pneumatic Type

Size:DN10-DN100,other size can be customized

Available connection:Clamp/weld/thread/special connection

1.Are you a trader or manufactory?
 We are a manufactory (Own Forging workshop and CNC machining workshop )
2.Can your products reach to FDA , CE and 3A requirements?
Yes, all of our material can reach to the requirements of FDA, ISO and 3A Certificate).

3.We can supply:
Sanitary Butterfly Valve, Sanitary Check Valve and Diaphragm Valves, as well as Various Tank Accessories:  Sight Glass, Strainers/Filter, Cleaning Ball, And other Pipe Fittings , (Pipe Unions: SMS, DIN, IDF, RJT, 3A,DS; Fittings: Ferrule,Elbow, Tee, Reducer and all other Non-standrad fittings), each products are tested well by our strictly Quality Control System, and we also have excellent service to support you and promote your business.
4.Lead Time:
For large quantity, as usual, it can be sent out within 20-40 days.
Small parcel will be dispatched by DHL, FedEx, UPS OR TNT Courier.
Big cargo will be delivered by Air freight or By Sea.
5.Our Service:
About payment:
Payment methods: L/C, T/ T, Paypal,Western Union

6.About samples:
We can provide samples production and service. Usually 2 to 5 days, the sample can be sent to your hands. We will choose the shipping way as you required: By sea, by air or by express. Any question about samples, please contact us.

7.For OEM products:
We will finish the production within 20-40 days after payment has been confirmed.
About delivery and shipping:
We will choose the delivery way as you required: By sea, by air, by express ect. Save your cost is our mission.

Any question or problem will be respond within 12 hours.

9.Lifetime service:
Any problem happened to our product, we will do our best to help client to solve it, spare parts will be half price in lifetime.

10.Problem solve:
If you can't solve the problem in your local, please delivery the product to us, we will repair it and then back to you.

11.Quality control:
All the products are calibrated with real working condition, and tested before shipping as qualified product.

12.Purpose:Attitude is everything.



Sanitary Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm Reducing Valve,Diaphragm Regulating Valve,Stainless Steel Valve,Diaphragm Control Valve

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