8-year-old boy was stricken with a snot

On May 7, when the Spanish National Guard carried out an inspection of the entry personnel at the Customs Immigration Department of the West Enclave of Africa, it was discovered that a 19-year-old Moroccan woman's baggage concealed an 8-year-old boy. The Moroccan woman hurriedly avoided the security zone when crossing the border for security, causing the police to doubt it. At first, the police suspected that the woman’s baggage had hidden drugs and asked him to put the baggage on the security tape. Afterwards, to the police's surprise, the computer revealed that it was not a drug but a child.

When the boy was discovered, he spoke to the police in French: "My name is Abu." The police learned that the boy, Abu, was an Ivorian and he was not familiar with the "transporter" who wanted to bring him to Spain. Therefore, the police suspect that the latter is most likely to charge the family of the boy. The "transporter" has been arrested by the police.

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