Maintenance and Maintenance of Dongfeng Tianlong Series (7) - Introduction of Dongfeng Tianlong Transmission

Dongfeng Tianlong Transmission Introduction

Greater transmission torque, wider range of speed ratios, higher carrying capacity, and better fuel economy.


Performance characteristics The small speed ratio difference of the ZF16 speed transmission can provide the most suitable gear selection for driving, that is, the engine can work in the maximum fuel economy speed range.
This also improves the comfort of shifting, and of course also reduces shift noise.

Dongfeng Tianlong transmission gear ratio comparison

ZF16S181 transmission use matters needing attention

1. Forbidden to switch from high-grade zone to low-grade zone when the speed exceeds 30km/h
2, is strictly prohibited in neutral (N) taxiing (such as taxiing downhill)

ZF16 speed transmission gear map

ZF half-step switching method

DC12J150 transmission gear map

DC9J150 transmission gear map

The DC9J150T gearbox is operated in the form of a long-distance double-H steering mechanism, and its operating form is shown in the figure:

Shanfang 12 speed transmission

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