Uster shows high-end inspection instruments

At the upcoming ITMA ASIA + CITME 2008 exhibition, Uster Technologies will present and promote the concept of “Quality and Thought” to the audience with the latest testing and monitoring equipment and systems.

Uster’s upcoming USTER instruments will systematically undertake the specific needs of customers at all levels in China and around the world with appropriate technology and cost. The latest generation of USTER5 bar dryers are available in various models, including the highest-end S800. The S800 product is used for the detection of all important quality parameters, such as evenness of the strips and common defects, with a detection speed of 800 m/min. The product uses capacitance and photoelectric sensor technology to determine the value of foreign fiber and hairiness. The slub yarn module in the UT5 S800 opens the way for the user's yarn to enter the fashionable denim field by controlling and monitoring the “random but consistent” slub effect.

The USTER Dryer ME100 is a cost-effective instrument tailored for the Chinese market, offering comprehensive inspection options. The USTER HVI 1000 M1000, USTER HVI 1000 M700 fiber grading and analysis system instruments provide customers with more flexibility in obtaining the most valuable information about raw materials used. Utilizing the advantages of the USTER HVI 1000, it is possible to simplify all critical processes of quality monitoring. Uster's USTER QUANTUM 2 electronic yarn clearer proves the importance of its comprehensive on-line quality control with worldwide shipments of 1.5 million units (sets) in the process quality monitoring of winding and rotor spinning. Sex.

High-efficiency, large-volume culture flasks allow cells to show strong viability with large expression amount of proteins in the culture of mammalian cells and insect cells. During the culturing process, the use rate of the shaker is significantly increased, and the survival rate and viability of cells are both dramatically elevated. NEST culture flasks also provide high repeatability, which allows highly inter-batch consistency of cell growth and yield.

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