Mann Commercial Vehicles Fighting the 2010 Commercial Vehicle Market

Recently, Mr. Kenneth Lam Kin Hing, president of MAN commercial vehicles Trade (China) Co., Ltd. an exclusive interview on how the commercial vehicle market in 2010, major strategic initiatives MAN commercial vehicles, as well as product marketing situation and other issues answered questions from the media .

Man Commercial Vehicle

Mr. Lin Jianxing said that the “full value” of MAN commercial vehicles not only focuses on high-end products, but also involves high-end services and professional, dedicated, enterprising teams, and corporate social responsibility. In 2010, Mann will continue to introduce high-end products and technologies into China under the concept of “full value”; at the same time, it will deepen the analysis and division of key areas in China, gain a deeper understanding of the needs of customers in all provinces and cities, and gradually expand and improve its marketing and services. The internet. Make the service focus closer to the needs of individual customers. At the same time, it will continue to contribute to the efficient development of China's commercial vehicles and logistics industry, promote the establishment of an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly Chinese society, and contribute to China's logistics and transportation industry.

This special interview attracted the attention of many authoritative media. They said that as a representative of China's high-end commercial vehicles, the “full value” concept advocated by Man Corporation will bring a new look and breath to the Chinese commercial vehicle market. The “value” word will also gradually become the focus of commercial vehicle companies.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany MAN AG commercial vehicles Man Group is the largest joint-stock company, is the world's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles and transport solutions provider. Mann is also the only manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the world that has so far won the "World Truck of the Year" award seven times. Its product range covers medium/heavy/heavy-duty trucks, special vehicles, city buses, luxury cars, high-end engines and automotive parts, and has a production base and service network all over the world.

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