Brilliance and Mercedes signed a joint venture agreement for both parties to share the chassis

Brilliance and Mercedes-Benz’s joint venture finally had results and timetables. Chairman of the Brilliance Automotive Group , Yu Yumin, revealed yesterday that Brilliance will sign a joint venture agreement with the two Mercedes-Benz modification factories in Shanghai next month.

It is understood that the two Mercedes-Benz companies that will soon sign contract with Brilliance are the two special-purpose car modification plants in Austria and Finland. Yan Yumin told reporters that the joint venture and cooperation signing ceremony was held on March 1 in Shanghai. After the introduction of two Mercedes-Benz modified companies, Brilliance’s future special-purpose vehicles will share the chassis with Mercedes-Benz .

In addition to Mercedes-Benz, Brilliance will use its current partners BMW and Toyota's technology to conduct technical cooperation in commercial vehicles and Chinese cars.

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