Shaanxi Automobile DeLong F3000 Ranked First in Customer Satisfaction of Commercial Vehicles

On January 24, 2010, the 3rd China Customer Satisfaction Survey of Logistic Commercial Vehicles and the 2009 China Green Logistics Vehicle Appraisal Results Launch Conference was held in Beijing. Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 topped the list with quality and received the annual Green Logistics recommendation from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing.

This survey was jointly initiated by the China Green Logistics Development Promotion Alliance, the “Modern Logistics News” and the “Green China” magazine. It lasted for five months, and it has 550 major logistics companies and more than 10,000 small and medium-sized logistics enterprises in China. In order to promote the development of green logistics, we selected a group of vehicle products that met the requirements of green logistics and were welcomed by users of the logistics industry and promoted it to the whole industry and society as a whole. Through the evaluation of environmental protection, energy saving, safety, high efficiency, and pre-sales and after-sales service indicators, Shaanxi Automobile Delong F3000 finally stood out.

Expert Group Recommended reason: DeLong F3000 series heavy trucks, pure MAN technology, according to the actual needs of the Chinese market, integration of international and domestic leading technologies, high fuel economy and strong dynamics perfect fit, high bearing capacity, international leading intelligence, high security This product is leading the domestic and deep users, and it is an ideal model for long-distance high-efficiency and heavy-duty transportation in China.

Perfect combination of fuel economy and power supply: Weichai 12-liter four-valve engine with gold displacement, Cummins ISM engine with North American flagship power, precise control with unique smart chip, large intake air volume, good atomization effect, full combustion, fuel consumption Lower; domestic unique "three swordsman" (multi-function fuel-saving switch, fuel-efficient thermostat fan and fuel-cutting cylinder technology), fuel consumption reduced by 2.6 to 4.2 liters per hundred kilometers; wind resistance coefficient is only 0.5, with excellent aerodynamic modeling Cab design.

High load-bearing capacity - the only original domestic original MAN technology chassis, frame high yield strength high quality low alloy fine grain cold stamping steel one-time molding, stiffness increased by 1.6 times, unique MVS & SIS suspension system.

Intelligent - international advanced CAN bus system, automatic fault detection, imported VDO meter, TYCO and VOSS plug-in system, superior performance; TMP tire pressure detection system; engine integrated chip ECU and ECM intelligent system control.

High security - ABS + ASR + EBL braking system, disc brake system perfect security protection; WEVB, JACOBS engine brake system is unique in China, the vehicle braking efficiency increased by more than 55%, heavy load long distance downhill double Insurance; Through the European ECE-R29 standard crash test, high-strength body, strong and safe.

It was also learned that Shaanxi Auto had already completed the technical reserves of the Delong F3000 series heavy trucks that met the national IV emission standards as early as 2007, and it was put on the market with the first batch of Cummins powered trucks that met the national IV emission standards in June 2009, and was highly popularized by users. Like, in recent years, Shaanxi Automobile has used the “863 Program” green energy commercial vehicle project, national technology center, postdoctoral mobile station and new energy research and development and application key laboratory technology platform, will be a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, efficient green heavy truck As a result, this award signifies that Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty Trucks has become a leader in China's green logistics industry.

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