Commercial Vehicle Announcement Technical Requirements

In early 2010, many companies received a notice issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information, which was issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”). According to the "Notice", as of July 1, 2010, the new automotive products declared and declared should meet the requirements of the "Automotive Products Mandatory Standard Inspection Project and Standards" (hereinafter referred to as the "Standard"); declare product expansion and products The inspection items involved in the changes, extensions and changes shall also meet the requirements of the "Standards".

The intermediaries designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (hereinafter referred to as intermediaries) shall, in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Conditions for the Judgment of the Same Type of Automotive Products and the Technical Requirements for the Same Type of Automotive Products, strictly carry out the technical review of the inspection plans and products, and shall follow the requirements to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The designated testing organization (hereinafter referred to as the testing organization) issues the inspection plan.

The reporter learned that the biggest changes brought about by this notice are: First, it is to unify the technical conditions for determining the same model and the technical conditions for the same type of judgment; secondly, the compulsory inspection items to be carried out are increased when the declaration is announced. The standard has changed.

“Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will publicize this content in the near future and hold a learning conference.” A person in charge of the company told reporters.

Judging conditions are unified

“This adjustment is mainly to optimize the places where the company has previously been troubled by bulletin management. In the past, the opinions and understanding of companies and experts on the same model, the same type of technical conditions for the determination of the same type were not uniform. This time, It made clear.” The person in charge of the Jianghuai Automotive Marketing Department explained: “From the content point of view, there is no change in the principle of judgment between the two, and the most important change is to strengthen management in this area. In the case of the same type of judgment principle, for example, even if the experimental content is not in agreement with the determination principle, some experts believe that it can be regarded as the same, and that it is also recognized; if speaking, the content of the experiment is in accordance with the principle of judgment, but the expert If you do not approve, there are cases where you have been rejected for revision, so it is easy to see that the opinions are not uniform. The "Notice" therefore requires that inspection be carried out in strict accordance with the principle of determination."

The reporter saw that in the "Automotive Products of the same type of technical conditions to determine", is divided into five areas: the purpose, scope of application, definition, the same type of determination principle, the same type of automotive products to determine the conditions.

The relevant person in the Technical Department of China Motor Vehicles Technical Service Center (hereinafter referred to as the China Machine Center) confirmed this statement to the reporter and added: "This adjustment has little change in the type and model determination conditions. The reason for the adjustment is Because there are new standards, 10 standards have changed (for example, some standard years have changed, or standard content has changed, new standards have been added), and these changed standards have been added to the judgment conditions. As a result, the judgment conditions will change accordingly."

Some standards have changed

What are the "standard" adjustments?

The relevant person in charge of Shaanxi Zhongqi Announcement told the reporter: "The "Standard" mainly adds three aspects: the net power of the engine, the reflective logo and its installation and pasting requirements, as well as the lamps and lanterns, especially in the field of lamps and lanterns. If you do not do the appropriate tests, you will need to do tests and issue test reports that meet the new standards."

“With the upgrading of emission regulations, the criteria used by some of the “Standards” have also changed, such as the emission of pollutants from light-duty vehicles mentioned in Article 1 of the Standard, which previously required the achievement of National II and State III standards. Now, There will no longer be a reference standard for China II.” The person in charge of the Jianghuai Marketing Department said: “This time, the net power of the engine has been added, because 3C certification requires this, but there was no such content in the past. This is for the enterprise. The impact is not great, each engine has a net power, it is just a question of making more reports.In the past, the emission report also had a column of net power, but the net power was not listed separately to form a report, and now is the net power alone. Listed to make a report."

The center of the China Machine Center stated that in addition to changes in the reference basis for some of the items in the "Standards", the names of some items have also changed. "For example, if there was a test item for 'electrical horn performance', it is now changed to 'motorized horn performance'. This is because there are still many air horns on the vehicle to be tested. If the name 'electric horn' is used, then In addition, the detection of the door lock is also divided, the static load is made by the door lock factory, and the dynamic load test cannot be separated from the door and the locking mechanism, so the dynamic load detection by the vehicle manufacturer This is also the case with door hinges, which are not done by a single manufacturer, but in general, it is mainly for experimental convenience that they are split into different projects.If you put these items together, then report Difficult to handle."

Enterprises must prepare in advance

“From the management point of view, we have added inspection items because some of the new standards have not yet been implemented, and some of the standards have changed. This has led to changes in inspection items. We have already sought opinions from companies and discussed them. Inform manufacturers in advance, that is, to remind car companies and related departments to start preparations.According to new requirements, enterprises should consider correspondingly when designing and developing products; if testing institutions do not have complete equipment, they must purchase some equipment; intermediary agencies must prepare parameters for filing, Work on formats, website adjustments, corporate training, etc.” said the person in charge of the China Machine Center.

For this adjustment, the manufacturers also expressed their understanding: “The reason for the adjustment is to adjust to the current needs. At present, all companies basically meet the requirements of the standard, and basically they are not substandard. Standards are all national standards, used in enterprises for many years, has been transformed into corporate standards, so as a whole, the adjustment has little effect on us.

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