CNHTC Jining Commercial Vehicle Company independently designs and produces a new platform for Haohao cab

2011 is the first year of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and is also the beginning of the second decade of China National Heavy Duty Truck. Jining Commercial Vehicle Company faced complicated international and domestic market situations, and focused its efforts on the research and development of new products, the construction of the second phase of the project, the improvement of the quality level, and the enhancement of the risk prevention of the company. All the work achieved remarkable results.

New product new highlights rob market opportunities and build a new platform for product development

Since the establishment of Jining Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., it has been using an outsourced driver's cab, which has a high manufacturing cost; the outsourced cab is copyrighted by an outside manufacturer; it is not conducive to product quality improvement and upgrading; it is necessary to further expand the company’s production scale and drive The room has become a serious constraint. Under the ardent care of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Jining Commercial Vehicle Company hired a domestic first-class design company to use Mercedes-Benz's second-generation cab as its prototype, and developed the Haohao series of cabs with independent intellectual property rights. The launch of this product marks that Jining Commercial Vehicle Company has the ability to independently design and produce cabs, creating a new situation for the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” development.

In the design and development of the new cab, through active and active communication with the technical center of the group company, the relevant experts were invited several times to review the sludge in the cab, making the products more refined and humanized, and the appearance more closely to the oriental aesthetics. And using computer simulation of wind resistance coefficient and other technical means to improve the vehicle performance and fuel economy; based on the "Ho-Ho" series cab, based on market demand to develop new models in the card, medium and heavy truck, so that the product is widely applied to Highways, mines, construction sites, docks and other transport environments. Hao Hao series models greatly enriched the diversity of products and expanded the new platform for product development.

Building high-quality projects and building a corporate image, the road to “second pioneering” is getting wider and wider.

The second phase project of Jining Commercial Vehicle Company is one of the key projects in 2011. The major leaders of China National Heavy Duty Truck visited and inspected and guided the construction of the project many times, and went to the frontline to supervise the construction of the project to ensure that the quality and quantity of the project construction were completed.

The construction of the second phase of the project officially began in March 2011, fully carrying forward the glorious tradition of “especially capable of fighting”, overcoming the difficulties of short time, heavy tasks, lack of personnel experience, and difficulty in equipment debugging, and on the premise of ensuring project quality, Speed ​​up the construction progress. In the shortest possible time, the steel structure of the plant was hoisted to ensure the internal plumbing and electrical construction of the factory before the rainy season.

The construction unit is required to construct according to the plan formulated in the previous period, draw a “planning node map”, and strictly follow the construction of the drawings to ensure the construction progress and project quality; and the technical department communicates with the design institute with the fastest possible problems in the design. The construction party creates a good soft environment; the supervision company strictly supervises according to the construction standards; there are special people on the spot to inspect, and problems are found to be strictly assessed according to the standards.

After the welding and painting equipment came into the field one by one, after a short period of intense debugging, the first white body cab assembly smoothly went offline in November 2011, and the product quality reached the design requirements. Jining Commercial Vehicle Company once again demonstrated its vigorous combat capability with “trailer speed”.

Doing fine quality control to ensure product quality is optimal

Taking “secondary entrepreneurship” as an opportunity to strictly regulate the quality management system and fine-tune every detail, the entire vehicle quality is optimized.

First, to fully promote the "quality door" monitoring system. Through the problem of centralized feedback after sales, the production control point of the assembly department is gradually established, and all the control points are recorded. Five quality doors have been established, involving 32 quality control points. At the same time, in order to further improve the unqualified product handling process and implement quality responsibility, the “Regulations for Recovering Non-Conforming Products in the Production Process” was formulated, and the on-site non-conforming product quality recovery mechanism was established to further refine the on-site quality management process.

Secondly, the statistics on the breakdown rate of the off-line were improved, from the original statistics of only 46 items to 60 items, and the implementation of the number of failures on the downline has contributed to the improvement of the sense of quality of professional plants; The initial 25.5 points gradually decreased to the current 7; the audit score of the entire vehicle audit reduced to 371 points from the original 425 points.

Thirdly, visual standard work construction will be carried out, quality kanbans will be used to control the quality of on-site installations, quality control gateways will be moved forward, and the assembly process will be strengthened. Problems concerning assembly and adjustment found in the process of vehicle warehousing and on-site patrols are communicated to each team in the form of quality kanbans, and corrections are made within a limited period of time. After verification, they can be revoked and the quality consciousness of all employees is fully enhanced.

Fourthly, after the combination of the quality department and the sales user service center, various quality control measures are adopted to continuously refine the quality work processes at the point and the surface, and more timely and effective delivery of product quality information, improve the flaws in the design and assembly process, and consolidate The full-scale quality awareness has helped the quality of the entire vehicle to a new level, and has enabled the company to display its vitality in the future development.

Strengthening corporate risk prevention for the rapid development of the company

The Bank continued to improve its risk prevention mechanism, further strengthened its supervision and management, standardized its operation and management practices, reduced its operating risks, and promoted the steady improvement of its economic efficiency.

First, for the 46 risk points assessed in the comprehensive risk management work, risk response measures were put forward, and various departments incorporated comprehensive risk management into their daily work. Make risk management an integral part of the company's comprehensive management system, and it truly guarantees that risk prevention can be implemented.

Second, actively standardize the implementation of the system during the implementation of the year, improve the "contract approval, review management measures", "quality assessment management methods", "safety production management methods", "waste materials management and management methods" and other important power running procedures, focus on Promote the proceduralization and openness of power operation, strengthen the supervision over the power management of the management rights, management, and important posts and key links; actively carry out system testing work, and combine the actual work, focus on testing quality, production system management system, as of 2011 At the end of October of the year, 28 systems were revised and publicized.

When the wind breaks through the waves, it will only hang Yunfan, the Bohai Sea. Today, Jining Commercial Vehicle Company, just like a galloping horse in the Qilu Land, seizes opportunities to achieve rapid development. With the persistent pursuit of the heavy truck business, a new chapter is written on the grand blueprint of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”.

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