Karlsheim moisture analyzer operating procedures

Karl Fischer moisture analyzer operating procedures:

One: Avoid contact with toxic solvents.

2S automatic Karlsmann moisture analyzer, adopts fully enclosed design, users can automatically replace the solvent by pressing the relevant key button, avoiding the contact of chemical reagents with the human body, give you a safe working environment, make your Work is easy and efficient.

Second: simple operation, high degree of automation.

In the titration, you enter the parameters according to the flow chart of the instructions, and you can complete the test experiment. The test time of one sample can be completed within 30 seconds to several minutes, and the test report is printed out.

Three: The instrument has automatic, balanced, real-time monitoring system, automatically remove invasive traces of water, in order to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

Four: The measurement results are highly accurate and reproducible:

Due to the high degree of airtightness of the instrument system, the drift value is extremely low and can reach <5ugH2O/min. Therefore, trace moisture of 0.15mg-500mg can be accurately detected.

Five: The test sample can be liquid, solid, gas, and paste.

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