Four Major Traffic Engineering Hidden Trouble Surveillance Surveillance

Four Major Traffic Engineering Hidden Trouble Surveillance Surveillance The Ministry of Transport issued and issued the "Supervision and Supervision System for Major Hidden Accidents of Production Safety for Highway Water Transportation Projects (Interim)" (referred to as the "System"), requiring the supervision and administration of major hidden dangers of the four types of highway water transport projects.

The four types of major hidden dangers are the major hidden dangers discovered by the competent department of transportation (or project jurisdiction) in inspections, the major hidden dangers reported by enterprises or individuals that have been reported and verified, the major hidden dangers handed over by the same level of safety supervision departments, and others that need to be supervised by the listed companies. Major safety issues.

According to the "System", the project construction unit should regularly organize and carry out safety production hidden trouble investigation. The main person in charge of the project construction unit is fully responsible for the inspection and treatment work. During the investigation, the project supervisors and construction units shall promptly report the major hidden troubles. The competent transportation authorities (or project jurisdictions) at all levels shall issue a supervision notice after confirmation. After the completion of the rectification, the competent transport department in charge of supervision and inspection shall carry out on-site review to confirm that the hidden dangers have been eliminated before lifting supervision.

The "System" requires that all levels of transportation authorities should establish a supervision system for the management of hidden accidents, publish a report phone or email, and strengthen social supervision; establish a database of major hidden investigations and management, and gradually implement remote monitoring of major hazards on the construction site.

Crimped Wire Mesh

Material : High carbon steel wire, mild steel wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire.

Weaving type : plain crimped, InterCrimped, locked crimped, one-way separated wave bending, two-way bending crimped, flat top, Rectangular Slot, etc.

Width : 1m, 1.2m, 1.3m, 1.5m, 1.6m, 2m, etc.

Application : with the stable mesh size, good strength, crimped wire mesh can be used as fence or filters in industries, such as coal, mine, metallurgy, chemical, pharmacy; With the beautiful surface & various types, it is widely used in decoration industry, such as building's facade and staircases, airport stations etc. Also, with its uniform mesh size & high screening precision, crimped wire mesh also widely used in making barbecue mesh and test sieve, etc.



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