Inventory electronic barrier deterrence/blocking/alarming three protective features

The electronic fence is a new type of perimeter prevention alarm system with three major protection features: deterrence, blocking, and alarm. According to different operating principles, electronic fence products on the market are mainly divided into pulse-type electronic fences and tension-type electronic fences.

The pulsed electronic fence host sends a safe high-voltage pulse and sends it to the front end of the pulsed electronic fence (alloy wire). The pulse electronic fence host determines if there is an intrusion by monitoring whether the pulse current has a short circuit or open circuit.

Tension electronic fence electronic components (detection module) determine whether or not it has been invaded by monitoring the tension value of the front mechanical component (tension line - no charge) of tension electronic fence.

Is the electronic fence safe?

The pulsed high voltage generated by the electronic fence is a high voltage, low energy, and electric shock effect, but it will not cause harm and will not be fatal. The State has strict inspections on the safety of electronic fences, and all products must obtain type inspection reports. Guangtuo has more than 300,000 cases in safe operation. To ensure customer safety, the company also insured 8 million product liability insurance.

What are the advantages of electronic fence?

The electronic fence has the functions of blocking, deterrence and alarm, low false alarm rate (not affected by weather, small animals, branches, etc.), simple installation, long service life, and low comprehensive cost.

What is the most advanced network electronic fence architecture?

A new generation of electronic fence products generated by the network electronic fence technology and network technology. It consists of an electronic fence host, an intelligent control keyboard and management software. The user can monitor the electronic fence through the network and realize the real-time transmission of user information and data exchange. Remote supervision function.

What is the quality of the electronic fence?

In general, the quality of electronic fence products is mainly reflected in the stability of product operation, anti-jamming capability, false alarm rate, and repair rate.

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