Summer grain production is not terrible, and the pursuit of output is not as good as adjusting the industrial structure.

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] After 12 consecutive years of bumper harvests, this summer's summer crops suffered a setback in production cuts. 139.26 million tons, this is the total national summer grain output released by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2016, which is 1.21 million tons less than that in 2015, a decrease of 1.2%. Summer crops, which account for about a quarter of the annual grain output, have not increased production as they have in previous years, which naturally has caused people's attention to food for many years.
Summer grain production is not terrible, and the pursuit of output is not as good as adjusting the industrial structure.

In fact, it is not terrible that summer grain has not achieved continuous growth, especially when food destocking has become an important task for the government and food security is guaranteed. The new data shows that in 2015 China's staple food inventories have reached 250 million tons, ranking the world. The reform of the grain storage system is an important reform task clearly defined in the Central Document No. 1 this year, and destocking is considered to be the nose of this reform.
Compared with last year, although the output of summer grain has decreased slightly, it is still in the second highest level in history and belongs to the harvest year. According to analysis, the main reason for the decline in summer grain yield is that the meteorological conditions are worse than the previous year and the disaster situation is biased. Generally speaking, this summer grain production reduction will not affect the overall supply of food throughout the year.
On the contrary, a slight reduction in summer crops may be a good thing for farmers, as this may push up food prices and increase the income of farmers. Increasing incomes can sometimes only be counterproductive to farmers. However, in the case of China's grain production, stocks, and imports are “three increases,” it is difficult to raise food prices.
This is not to say that we do not have to pay attention to the issue of food production. Whenever food security is the “ballast stone” for social stability and economic development, it is an important foundation for national security. We must not relax food production. But this does not mean that we are going to pursue food production every year.
Food production itself is a variable and does not necessarily maintain a straight upward trend. There are fluctuations in the market, fluctuations in the natural environment, and changes in production. How to increase the grain output only through administrative intervention does not conform to the laws of nature. Moreover, in the case of food shortage, we are incapable of seeking to increase production. However, in the case of food accumulation and even rot in storage, we are blindly pursuing production and it seems somewhat out of place.
In the case of food security, we may wish to look down on the increase in production. Just like GDP, it is allowed to have a certain range of fluctuations in the case of employment protection. As long as it fluctuates within the normal range, it is a reasonable interval and is acceptable. However, we must not be taken lightly. We must always be vigilant and prevent a large landslide in food production. It is quite dangerous to continuously reduce production.
Compared with the pursuit of output, the current agriculture should pay more attention to structural adjustment and supply-side reform. At present, agriculture should not only be satisfied with the increase in quantity, but enter the stage of pursuing quantity, quality and efficiency. Improving quality and increasing efficiency are the key points of agricultural production in the future. In some areas, it is even possible to appropriately reduce the area of ​​grain production, encourage farmers to adjust their planting structure, and develop high value-added products to increase farmers' income and adjust the industrial structure.
(Original title: Summer grain production is not terrible)

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