Led outdoor advertising vehicle how to solve the problem of turn off during driving

After the LED outdoor advertising vehicle has been used for a long time, it is inevitable that some emergency failures have occurred. At that time, sometimes the wrong operation will also cause the failure. However, no matter what kind of situation is encountered, some of the emergency failures are met with calmness and calmness. The more people are panicked, the worse it will be handled. Then, when the LED outdoor advertising vehicle is driving in the open air, if there is a sudden turn-off, how should it be solved? When encountering the LED outdoor advertising car suddenly shut down, you need to first observe the state of what is in the next flameout. Of course, after the general vehicle has turned off, the LED outdoor advertising car engine will stop immediately. If it is running, it will lose the steering resistance performance at the same time, and the vacuum resistance of the brake system will also lose its effect. Inevitably, the related safety systems such as the anti-lock brake system and the electronic stability program are all at this time. Will lose its effect. After knowing the status of the security system of these related LED outdoor advertising vehicles, how to solve it?


In order to protect the safety of LED outdoor advertising vehicle drivers and passing vehicles and pedestrians, the double flashing lights on both sides of the LED outdoor advertising vehicle should be turned on at the first time when a flameout failure occurs, so as to remind the attention of the rearward driving vehicles. To avoid traffic accidents. Also, the automatic hanging gear of the LED advertising car should be hung to the position of the N-range, and the manual-blocking gear should be glided or be hung to the position of the N-range.

When the LED outdoor advertising vehicle fails to turn off, it is necessary to hold the steering wheel tightly with both hands. If there is no more urgent situation, it will not be the direction of rotation and avoid traffic accidents. In addition, the brakes on the LED advertising car will be put to death and the vehicle speed will be reduced until it stops. Then in the observation of the road under some conditions, if there is a security risk of locking, sliding, etc., then it is best divided into three times to step on the LED outdoor advertising brakes, of course, twice Yes. After stopping the LED advertising vehicle safely in a safe position, it is possible to get out of the vehicle and check the condition of the next vehicle. In this case, it is best to call the nearest vehicle service station, and then wait for the maintenance personnel to arrive at the fault site for maintenance, or to the service point for inspection and repair.

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