How to Increase Automotive Engine Life

The heart is the most important place for people. The most important part of the car is the engine. The engine is like the heart of the car. The ability to protect the "heart" of a car is an important factor in the length of life of the car.

A first lubricant is very important.

Engine is the heart of the car is so lubricating oil on the vehicle, "blood", which has the decisive factor to prolong engine life. To exact time of an oil change. It's very simple to say. Many car owners in real life ca n't do this. It is not afraid to change oil, and greatly prolong the replacement cycle. It is only for the sake of forgetting to replace the failed lubricant in time. As a result, the lubricant is eventually exhausted, resulting in excessive wear of engine air distribution components, cylinder components, crankshafts, etc. until the engine scrapped. Second, we must change genuine lubricants. Some riders only plan to save money, get barrels of oil on the car to put on, do not look at whether it is burning oil or gear oil, is the transformer cooling oil also dare to change to the car. They often think that: "oil" will play a role in lubrication. However, you have neglected the lubricating oil also requires another six major functions: cooling, cleaning, sealing, anti-corrosion, buffering, silencer and other effects. Also, how can transformer oil be compared with automotive lubricants! Simply can not replace it! As a result, alternative lubricants quickly lead to excessive wear of the vehicle engine until it is scrapped.

  Actually, lubricants are replaced on time according to quality, and nowadays, most of the big brand cars are economical and practical. General car maintenance properly, running 300,000 to 400,000 km without major repairs. More than 600,000 kilometers of vehicles continue to drive without the need to repair engines, such as Fukang, Jetta, Sanchea, etc.

Secondly, timely maintenance and replacement of the air filter core should be of great importance .

  Engine intake abrasive wear can not be ignored, many users never pay attention to maintenance and replacement of vehicle air filter, only to wait until the vehicle pull cylinder to know the importance of air filter, but it is too late, the engine has long been hurt, it is regrettable until.

The rider should regularly check the cleaning and replacement of the air filter element in strict accordance with the vehicle instructions. If the filter element is a sponge, it is necessary to clean the filter element with a special cleaning solution to ensure its proper function. The filter element is papery. According to the air quality in the area, the dust and foreign materials inside the filter element should be removed regularly with compressed air and brush. This will effectively extend the life of the engine.


Third, timely maintenance and cleaning is the key .

The vehicle specification will clearly specify the cleaning cycle of the engine. Some lubricating oil decomposition products cannot be discharged outside the machine at the time of replacement. Metal wear debris, lubricating oil, and other impurities that decompose colloids will gradually accumulate in all corners of the machine. If they are not removed in time, they will seriously block the lubricating oil channel. Finally, it leads to The engine's lubrication failure expired. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the oil filter and the inside of the engine .

In principle, to clean the interior of the engine, it is necessary to completely decompose all parts of the engine and thoroughly clean them one by one, because the impurities can be completely removed. Some engine-free washers are scientifically designed, but they also have a lot of limitations. Some of the "dead ends" of engines are difficult to clean. In particular, impurities accumulated in the secondary engine filter are difficult to remove without dismantling the engine. In order to avoid frequent disassembly and assembly of engine damage parts, it is also possible to adopt local key disassembly and cleaning methods. For example, regular opening of the engine side tank completely removes the fouling of the secondary filter section and “dead corner”, effectively ensuring the unimpeded flow of the engine lubricating oil.

Fourth, reasonable use and maintenance are necessary.

The engine should be used reasonably according to the season weather to avoid continuous high temperature work for a long time, so as to avoid high temperature increase wear and shorten the service life. For example, on a long journey, it is advisable to stop and cool down every 15 to 14 hours. In summer, do not give a "cool shower" to the high-temperature engine. Wait until the engine is completely cooled before cleaning the vehicle. Because the high-temperature hot engine and strong cold high-pressure water flow will quickly "cold shrink," the rapid "inside the heat rises outside the cold contraction" will make the engine vitality greatly injured, serious will cause the engine to fall apart, light will lead to the engine Surface paint peeling. On a cold winter day, no cardboard or iron plates are used to block the engines and radiators in order to stop the cold wind, which greatly affects the natural air cooling of the engine and shortens its service life to varying degrees. In actual driving, it is also not possible to use the low-end and large-throttle for a long time, which will cause abnormal wear and heat on the vehicle. The vehicle should also be regularly replaced with antifreeze, and tap water must not be used instead of circulating water, because the dedicated circulating water (antifreeze) has special effects such as corrosion prevention and anti-icing. The use of tap water as cooling water will cause the circulation water channel to clog for a long time, and even worse, it will cause abnormal corrosion of the cylinder liner, which will greatly affect the service life of the engine.

Fifth, the engine should be "maintained" prior to "repair."

In other words, prevent everything from happening. Regular inspection of the timing belt, found that the slightest aging and elongation, we must promptly replace the new factory. Always clean the engine of dust foreign objects to prevent acid and alkaline substances (battery fluid) corrosion engine casing. Observe carefully the connections of the oil, water, and air channels, and find that there are some false connections or aging rubber parts. Do maintenance work earlier. Do you know how to maintain your car's heart?  


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