Honda Accord maintenance knowledge Honda Accord maintenance needs to pay attention to what matters

The Honda Accord is a familiar model, but many people still don't know about the maintenance of the Honda Accord. If the car is not properly maintained, it will often fail, which will affect the life of the car. If you don't know much about the Honda Accord maintenance knowledge, I don't know what Honda Accord needs to pay attention to. Xiaobian has compiled some maintenance knowledge of Honda Accord, I hope to help you.

本田雅阁保养常识 本田雅阁保养需要注意哪些事项

The maintenance of the Honda Accord generally includes the replacement of oil and oil filters, as well as the damage of other important parts of the vehicle.

Engine maintenance

The oil can reduce the wear of the machine parts, and can also reduce the noise of the running parts of the machine and provide good protection for the vehicle. There are different additives in the oil, so different types and levels of oil can not be mixed to avoid chemical reactions and damage the engine. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check the balance of the oil and whether it has deteriorated. The water in the water tank should also be replaced regularly to avoid the increase of scale and hinder the normal operation of the machine.

本田雅阁保养常识 本田雅阁保养需要注意哪些事项

2. Maintenance of automatic transmission

Honda uses a parallel-shaft automatic transmission, which has a higher shifting force than an ordinary transmission. If the transmission is not properly maintained, it is prone to shifting late or even slipping.

本田雅阁保养常识 本田雅阁保养需要注意哪些事项

3. Maintenance of the brake system

Brake oil does not change for a long time or misuse of brake oil, which will cause impurities in the pipeline and piston, affecting the brakes. The brake oil is made of Honda's special brake oil, especially the combination of different brake oils. In addition, once the brake system is found to be abnormal, it should be sent to a professional site for repair.

本田雅阁保养常识 本田雅阁保养需要注意哪些事项

In addition to the above points, it should also be noted during the driving process that the temperature inside the water tank should not be too high. Once the temperature exceeds the limit temperature, it should be stopped immediately. If the oil pressure is insufficient or the oil quantity is insufficient, it should also be stopped immediately to stop the fire check, otherwise the engine will be easily damaged. At the same time, the car should be fully inspected regularly to ensure that the car's various systems and spare parts work properly.

The above is a small series of maintenance knowledge about the Honda Accord, although the vehicle maintenance measures are generally the same, but do not take it lightly, the manufacturer's recommended Honda Accord maintenance precautions, must be clear, regular inspection and maintenance.


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