Lithium battery is self-igniting after Samsung mobile phone is electric skateboard

According to foreign media reports, this year's lithium battery can not really save people's minds. After the Samsung Note 7 explosion accident and the suspension board burned millions of luxury homes, the electric skateboard also had problems.

This week, a US electric skateboard manufacturer called Boosted warned users to immediately deactivate the company's second-generation electric skateboards because they received reports of two lithium batteries overheating. Boosted said that they have stopped selling electric skateboards, and the next step will be to investigate the cause of battery overheating.

Due to the timely discovery, the two battery overheating accidents did not cause personal or property damage. However, the company still reminds consumers not to place electric skateboards near flammable materials. It is best to take out the batteries and wait for the company's follow-up investigation.

In addition, Boosted also said that if users have encountered similar overheating problems, please report to the company as soon as possible.

In fact, the lithium battery is prone to overheating and spontaneous combustion. The industry has known for many years, but because of its small size and light weight, manufacturers are not willing to give up this solution. In the past few years, lithium batteries have caused a lot of fires, including Samsung Galaxy Note 7, suspension board and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Lithium battery is self-igniting. Samsung mobile phone is followed by electric skateboard.

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