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As we all know, the villa is a residence outside the residence to enjoy life. It is the second home and is also a high-class residence that embodies the quality of life and enjoyment. There are many types of villas derived from buildings today. When designing villas for decoration, famous carving decoration design must understand the types of owners' villas in order to better plan the space. Today's famous carving decoration is for everyone's answers: Villa decoration design. What types of villas are there? Learn together!

1. What types of villas - villas Single-family villas are single-family homes, with independent space, private garden grounds underneath, private detached houses with strong privacy. There are green areas and courtyards around the house. Strong privacy, high market value, and many high-end positioning.

2. What types of villas - townhouse townhouses, English: Townhouse, it originated in the British new town period in the 1940s and 50s, Europe and the United States popular. The townhouses in the original sense of Europe refer to residential areas built in the urban area that are built in a row in the urban area. Such houses are all eye-catching. Due to the restrictions along the streets, they all show a large depth and a small width on the base. The number is generally between the 3rd and the 5th floor, and the facade style is embodied in a mixture of old and new. Townhouses are now very popular in many countries and regions. Because they are very close to the city, convenient for work and work, reasonable prices, and beautiful environment, they have become an insurmountable stage in the development of the city—a representative mentality of residential suburbanization.
DEFINITION: TOWNHOUSE (townhouses) are available day and night, each house is independent and has 1 to 2 parking spaces, as well as a basement. It is a townhouse or dwelling consisting of several single-family villas with less than three floors connected in a row, two to four floors linked together. Each unit shares an external wall with a unified graphic design and an independent portal. The building area is generally about 250 square meters per household.

Features: (1) Pay more attention to the site selection of the project, make room as much as possible, greenery, residual water, and the transportation is convenient.
(2) The price is relatively low, tailor-made for the upper middle class and the new aristocracy.
(3) The design of the house type is rich, avant-garde and characteristic.

3. What types of villas are there? - Sky Villas Sky Villas originate in the United States and are called "penthouses" or "castles in the air." Originally referring to the mansion at the top of a high-rise in the heart of the city. Generally refers to a penthouse house built at the top of a high-rise building with a villa shape. This air villa originated in the United States, characterized by "first home" and "scarcity of urban prime locations" and is a type of building that pushes the life of a prosperous city to the extreme. It requires the product to meet the basic requirements of the villa, that is, the entire landscape. At present, these products mainly exist in the top floors of established high-end apartments, and are still relatively small in the villa area.

a. The architectural forms of the Sky Villa make up for many shortcomings of high-rise buildings. Compared with ordinary villas, it has the advantages of good location, open vision, and transparency, giving people a sense of being above and outside the cityscape and showing a strong market. Competitiveness.
b, pick high-rise: general residential floor height is 2.7-2.9, m, the standard of the air villa is more than 3 meters, ranging from 3.1,3.3,3.6 meters, higher than the average room pick tens of centimeters, means ventilation is more Smooth, good lighting.

4. What types of villas are available? - Overlap (plus) villas Stacked villas are based on the combination of the characteristics of the bungalow apartments and townhouses. In the garden, there is a roof garden on the upper floor, which is generally a four-story building with a loft. Compared with a townhouse, the open space is richer in shape, more reasonable in layout, and does not have the common defects of long lines. There is a basement underneath, and there is a terrace overlaid on it. Although there is no sight-seeing place in the townhouse, the advantage is not diminished.

Stacked-plus (plus-plus) villas are an extension of the Townhouse (a townhouse), which is based on the combination of the characteristics of the bungalow apartments and townhouses. The multi-storey duplex houses are stacked together. It is made up of a garden on the lower level and a roof garden on the upper level. Generally it is a four-story building with an attic. Compared with townhouses, this type of open space can enrich some of the independent surfaces, and at the same time overcomes the shortcomings of narrow and deep townhouses. .

Characteristics: a. The buying crowd is a middle class in the society, not a rich person in the real sense.
b. Scarcity and privacy are worse than those of individual villas. Positioning is also the first place of residence.
c. The advantages of stacked units over townhouses are that the layout is more reasonable and there are no universal defects in the length of the row. Moreover, there are lovely semi-basements stacked on top of each other and there are happy terraces, although there is no seeing in the row. Apparently, but the advantages are not reduced, even more agile and pleasant.
d. Lower floors: Most of the stacked villas are four to five floors. Due to the limited height, two villas are usually stacked on top of one another.
e. Low density: The floor area ratio of the stacked villas is approximately 1 or so. This plot ratio is higher than the conjoined villa, but lower than the multi-storey apartment.
f. Room size: Between apartments and townhouses, the superimposed villas have a floor space of more than 150 square meters, and most of them are between 200 square meters and 300 square meters. Two ladders and two additional sky gardens, so that the owners enter the door is like going back to a vast open air courtyard.
g. Has all the elements of the villa: the lower unit has a small garden, the upper unit has a larger terrace; the good irreplaceable natural environment; each household has a home garden or a balcony garden; the aerial layer avoids dampness and sight Not open; high architectural and technological content; design a variety of ways to go home, highlight the owner's distinguished status; lower prices than other villa types.

5. What types of villas - double-row villas It is the middle product of townhouses and single-family villas. It is a single-family villa composed of two units of villas.

Second, the type of villa divided into the following categories according to style
1. According to the style, villas are divided into the following types: Chinese-style villas The new Chinese-style buildings are not only inherited from the same vein as traditional Chinese architecture, but also more importantly reflected in the development and changes of traditional architecture: they not only maintain the essence of traditional architecture, It effectively blends modern architectural elements with modern design factors, changes the functional use of traditional architecture, and repositions itself. Changes in building demand due to changes in building materials and changes in modern lifestyles - architectural forms are only a result of the development and change of these intensions. The collective outbreak of the new Chinese-style buildings brought great excitement to the Chinese people. Not only has it been widely supported in culture, it has also achieved good results in terms of being recognized by the market.

Chinese-style villas are a combination of the functional requirements of traditional Chinese architecture and modern residences and the modern lifestyle. Its structural form is mainly wood structure. With the improvement of the technological level and the increase in the economic strength of the country, self-confidence in the traditional dwelling culture of the nation is gradually being established. Especially in recent years, the birth of a group of very influential new Chinese buildings has completely changed people's concepts.

2. According to the style of sub-villa types are: American villa American villa, also known as North American style villa, the United States architectural style presents a variety of colorful international orientation. The American architecture, especially the residential building, is the essence of today's world residential architecture and incorporates American elements such as freedom, liveliness, and innovation. It makes American homes the most advanced, most humane, and most advanced in the world. Creative homes.

The North American style developed in China is more embodied in villas. The North American villas have developed into a simple atmosphere and a variety of architectural essences and unique styles, fully embodying the simple, generous and relaxed characteristics of living. Very humane, very popular in the villa market, entering the villa market flourishing today, North American style still occupies the dominant position in the market.

Its main performance is:
The external effects are simple and honest, and the application of new structural technologies has left room for change. Other styles affecting North American homes are Spanish style, including the simple buildings of the Spanish colonies of North America and the exquisite buildings of Spain. Buildings in the East and Egypt are more or less the reference for North American homes.

Therefore, the North American style is actually a hybrid style. Unlike European architectural style, it has gradually evolved and evolved. At the same time, it has accepted a variety of mature architectural styles, with mutual integration and influence. With an emphasis on architectural details, classical feelings,

The appearance is concise and generous, integrating a variety of styles and features. Compared with English-style villas, American-style villas generally have larger building volumes than English-style villas; American-style villas have multiple wooden structures, while English-style villas have main building-architecture walls that are concrete blocks; due to the difference in climate, British-style villas The slope roof is relatively steep; English-style villas are flexible and naturally mobile.

3. According to the style of villas are divided into: European villa European villa is a European style of aristocratic tradition. Baroque, French classicism, Gothic style, Roman style, classical revival style, romantic style, eclectic style, Renaissance style, Romance style, etc. can all be defined as European style. Because it is a fusion of multiple styles, it is difficult to analyze its style features from its architectural elements, and it can only be grasped in general terms.

European-style villas have both a romantic and elegant appearance and a simple atmosphere. At the same time, there is no lack of fresh and bright feeling.

European architectural style is more classic, and nowadays there are numerous European style buildings. In the early stages of the villa market, the European style was the most common, but the style of expression was rough, and the overall style was only European style. There was no particular choice of country style or architectural style with distinctive local characteristics. . As the villa market has matured, the style of European villas has been diversified, and as far as possible, the rough style outlines have been avoided, and the style of a certain country and region has been further refined. The architectural style of villas has also become more vivid.

4. According to the style of villa types are: classical European classical European style design style is in the luxurious, dynamic visual effects rubbed into the details of the aesthetic processing, with Roman columns, flowers, door loss, sculpture, murals, complex and cumbersome lines The decorative frame is the main component, revealing nobleness and elegance in the details. This style has now become the first choice for socially successful people to enjoy a luxurious life.

5. According to the style, there are villa types: Mediterranean style villa The Mediterranean style is popular with people with romanticism and artistic temperament because of its very avid attitude. In the color selection of homes, the use of soft colors that are almost natural, and the use of whitewashed walls, continuous arcades and arches, pottery bricks, sea blue roof tiles and other design elements, show a blue romance; in the design of the combination To maximize the use of space, pay attention to space layout and match, create a sense of space atmosphere.

Through the above name carving villa decoration company has what kind of introduction to the villa, I hope to help you to understand what types of villas, if you need villa decoration design services, please consult online customer service, or call our hotline, thank you !

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