Six principles of gas alarm selection

Six principles of gas alarm selection

The industrial stationary gas alarm consists of an alarm controller and a detector. The controller can be placed in the duty room. It mainly controls each monitoring point. The detector is installed in the place where the gas leaks most easily. The core component is built-in gas. Sensors, sensors detect the concentration of gas in the air. The detector converts the gas concentration detected by the sensor into an electrical signal and transmits it to the controller through the cable. The higher the gas concentration is, the stronger the electrical signal is. When the gas concentration reaches or exceeds the alarm point set by the alarm controller, the alarm is issued. Alarm signal, and can start solenoid valve, exhaust fan and other external devices, automatically eliminate hidden dangers. The portable gas detector is hand-held. The staff can carry it around to detect the concentration of gas in different locations. The portable gas detector integrates the controller and the detector in one compact and flexible device. The main difference compared to stationary gas alarms is that the portable gas detector cannot be connected to other equipment.

(1) Whether the demand parameters and process conditions of the instrument are applicable.

The analyzer usually needs to work under clean gas medium conditions, so the demand side must provide detailed field parameters of the measured medium gas in the process (taking the gas composition analysis as an example) such as: pressure, medium composition, gas temperature, gas humidity , dust content, crystallization conditions and the presence of corrosive gases, etc., these data analyzer manufacturers will consider their own R & D, design, production of the analyzer can not match the site conditions, and select the appropriate analyzer to solve problem. The above process parameters are indispensable. The absence of any one of them may cause errors in the analysis, or the instrument can not express the effect of use, and greatly increase the workload. Therefore, when selecting a model, be sure to find out the process parameters used by the analyzer at a certain monitoring point.

(2) Applicability and stability of the analyzer pretreatment.

The pre-processing unit of the gas analyzer is a very critical part of the gas analysis system, and its key may even be higher than the analysis instrument itself. Why does the pre-treatment system have such an important role? Because the analyzer is a precision instrument. The operating environment is a rather harsh chemical environment, so more than 95% of failure rates in the use of analytical instruments occur in pre-processing units. In general, the pretreatment components used in the processing unit must be very reliable. It must be higher than the processing capacity in consideration of the parameters of the process media, so as to ensure the good operation of the analyzer, otherwise it will greatly Increase spare parts costs or maintenance workload. Therefore, when selecting the analyzer, it must be considered that the pretreatment unit has not been operated under the same working conditions, and the status of the operation. Even consider the mature pretreatment. This will ensure the use of analytical instruments.

(3) R&D, production and after-sales capabilities of instrument manufacturers

In the process of tendering and bidding, instrument manufacturers are often asked to participate, because in the process of instrument use, who can not guarantee that the instrument itself does not cause problems, but the timely response and after-sales of the problematic manufacturers are crucial. If you choose to cooperate with a unit of the nature of an intermediary, you will often find someone who is responsible for the problem after you have a problem with the instrument. However, cooperation with the manufacturer may greatly avoid the above situation. After sales may also be very timely, will not affect the production and security situation. Followed by the technical content of the instrument itself, generally we use advanced technology of analytical instruments are often directed at the previous lack of similar products or some defects in research and development. Therefore, when selecting an analyzer, we must focus on this issue. We are not afraid to encounter problems and we are afraid that problems encountered will not be solved. Therefore, we must choose the strength of the manufacturers and agencies in our selection. In this way, the spare parts of the analyzer can be guaranteed, the time after sale can be maintained, and the product advanced can be stabilized.

(4) Inspection of the use of similar products in the same technology companies.

If the same process is relatively mature in the country or there are many situations, it is necessary to pay more attention to it. If the relevant process is good in the country, it may consider communicating with the manufacturer during the previous period. Jointly formulate the relevant analysis system plan and the emergency plan during the later use. The analyzer systems of various manufacturers have their own characteristics. Some pretreatment units are very successful, some are sampling parts and analysis instruments are good, but none of the manufacturers dare to say that all their parts are the best. . Therefore, in the selection process, after understanding and understanding of the early stage, one or three analysis system manufacturers are determined first, and then the relevant users are used to conduct on-site field visits, so that the most truthful and accurate information can be obtained and the final selection can be facilitated. type.

(5) Choose the domestic pretreatment system as much as possible.

Why choose here to choose the domestic gas analysis pretreatment system, first of all the different circumstances of the process, the pretreatment system is to be customized, so that it is very targeted, according to the changes in the media and the design of the production, after-sales And product defects will be updated in a timely manner. The foreign pre-processing system will not succeed because some of the foreign practical cases are successful in mature products. There may also be situations of dissatisfaction in our country. After all, there is still a gap between the management of the company and the technical level of personnel. Therefore, it is recommended to choose domestic pre-processing system when purchasing analytical instruments.

(6) Imported analytical instruments may be considered when conditions permit.

The performance of foreign analytical instruments is indeed higher than that of domestic ones. Therefore, in the relatively important sampling position, the imported analyzer can be considered. Although domestic analyzers are also mature in some aspects, there may be some gaps in many cases. If it is a general domestic mature analytical instrument, it can be directly selected, for example, oxygen analyzer, dew point meter, infrared laundry, thermal conductivity analyzer, etc.

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