The first batch of tyres of the Hefei factory of Continental Horse Brand Tire Co., Ltd. will be listed next year

The Hefei plant of the Continental Horse Brand Tire Company located in Nangang Science Park in Hefei City recently held a machine installation ceremony, marking the successful completion of the first phase of the project. It is understood that in early 2011, the first tires produced by the Hefei plant will be listed in China.

According to reports, the project is the first factory in China that is built by the Continental Group's tire and light truck tire divisions. It is also the largest foreign direct investment in Anhui Province so far. According to the plan, the first batch of tires produced at the Hefei plant will be launched in China in early 2011 to meet market needs including leading brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It is understood that after the completion of the Hefei Continental tire project with a total investment of 600 million Euros, it will reach an annual scale of 18 million tires, making Hefei Asia's premier tire production site.

It was made of two sides are pure flexible graphtie sheet with tanged metal insert.



Working temperature

400Deg.C ( In Non Oxidizing Atmosphere)

Threshold Temp.For Oxidation

500 Deg.C ( a temp at which weight reduced 1% during 24 hrs in air)

Tensile Strength

> 70 kgf/cm2

Compressive Strength

> 800 kgf/cm2

Ash Content

< 1.0%





Graphite Material

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