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High oil prices and toll-by-weight fees have made truck users pay more attention to the cost of vehicles. The concept of lightweight has also been mentioned by more and more people. Heavy-duty truck manufacturers have also made lightweighting a magic weapon for them to seize the market. CNHTC is launching The 425 wide-tire tractor makes us shine brightly. The following Xiao Bian lists for everyone the current popular lightweight heavy trucks.

● China Heavy Duty Truck

Or start from China National Heavy Duty Truck, Sinotruk's product structure is mainly dump trucks and construction vehicles, the tractor market is its relatively weak link, starting from this year, the company focused on supporting the network layout of road tractors, to increase sales Lightweight is one of their killers.

The core of Sinotruk's light weight project is the high-strength alloy frame + Hendrickson rubber suspension + front less leaf spring + aluminum alloy gearbox. In order to more intuitively demonstrate the light weight of this product, at the 2009 business conference, a professional German automotive weighing system, Tire Load Meter, was used for on-site weighing. This HOWO heavy truck on-site weighing device with American Hendrickson rubber suspension and aluminum alloy housing transmission shows 8.08 tons.

The new rubber suspension built by Hendrickson for the United States is nearly 500 kg lighter than the multi-leaf spring suspension, and the single-bridge bearing capacity is 13.8 tons. Millions of kilometers need not be replaced.

The front axle adopts a small leaf spring design. At the same time, the aluminum alloy shell transmission is lighter than the original iron shell transmission by approximately 90kg. The high-strength single-layer longitudinal beam frame has a weight reduction of approximately 130kg.

In addition to this heavy-duty HOWO heavy truck at the business conference, the heavy vehicles such as HOWO A7 and King Prince, which are the main models of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, can choose such a lightweight configuration.

Through these lightweight designs, we can also see the efforts made by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group in terms of lightweight design. Innovation is also the source of corporate vitality. Only by continuous technological innovation can we bring more profits to users.

Dongfeng Tianlong series models are light-weighted projects that began earlier in the country, and lightweight deployment has become more common in all models. Through rational improvement of structure and adoption of new lightweight materials, the vehicle's weight has been reduced by one ton and the net weight is about 8.5 tons.

The front and rear axles of the lightweight model adopt a small piece of variable cross-section leaf spring, which is light in weight and comfortable.

Aluminum alloy tanks and gas cartridges are light weight, beautiful, and not easily corroded, making them more durable.

The ratio of vacuum to tire weight is 20KG for tube tires. At the same time, the operating temperature is low and the service life is long. After the nails are tightened, they will not leak immediately, ensuring safety.

In addition to the lightweight configuration of the entire vehicle, the DCI engine with Renault technology has strong power and stable performance, and it has won the pro-gaze of the majority of users, and even appears to be in short supply.

In May of this year, Tianlong teamed up with Cummins's ISLe340 30 EFI engine to launch the Black Diamond series models. The fuel-saving performance has been greatly improved compared to the old two-engine. At the same time, the black shape is more noble and dynamic. For more details click to read "Lighter and Better Dongfeng Tianlong" "Black King" May.

● J6P lightweight

Liberated J6 series heavy trucks have won recognition from many users for their outstanding appearance and stable performance. In the first half of this year, the liberation began to promote their lightweight models.

J6 lightweight models have 6DL 9L engine and 6DM series 11L engine two options, loading CA6DM 11L engine Liberation J6 lightweight models, the minimum weight of about 8.5 tons, let us see through which technology to achieve the purpose of reducing weight.

Before and after less leaf spring technology

The liberation of leaf spring technology has passed the market test of 5 years or so. It is very mature, and the leaf spring can reduce the weight by 200 kg. After the leaf spring technology is designed, the tonnage of tonnage is the same as that of multiple sheets, and the total cargo weight is 60 tons. Few front and rear leaf springs can fully meet the bearing requirements and greatly improve driving comfort!

Single-layer frame

Liberate high-strength steel frame and reduce weight by 200 kg. The use of 5,000 tons of presses once formed, after 20,000 km of enhanced road tests proved that reliability is trustworthy, Liberation from the 2004 design of the Converse model part of the 280 frame has been using a single-layer frame!
Lightweight 440 rear axle

The 13-ton lightweight 440 rear axle is the axle of the next bearing grade of the liberation and maturation 500,485 rear axle. The bridge part (brake, spring steel, etc.) borrows 500 axles (only the difference between the housing and the subtraction, etc.) ), ease of service and spare parts, reliability has experienced a market test. After using 440, the weight of the rear axle is reduced by 200kg, and the speed ratio is 3.7, 4.111, 4.333.

In addition, Fast 12-speed gearbox has a lightweight aluminum gearbox (now loaded iron shell), about 100 kg weight loss, but the price will also increase about 1500-2000 yuan.

In addition to the above, in order to further reduce weight, a high-end tractor that was exhibited at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show was equipped with a low chassis and airbag suspension. For details, please click to enter "liberation J6 4X2 high-end traction static evaluation."

Liberation of J6's lightweight models was somewhat delayed, but the good reputation established by the users of J6 also gave us more attention, and J6 heavy trucks are also moving toward greater horsepower, lighter weight, higher speed, and lower fuel consumption. development of.

DeLong F3000 is a high-end heavy-duty truck product that Shaanxi Automobile has jointly established with Germany, MAN, Cummins, Weichai Power, Fast, Hande, and other well-known heavy-duty trucks and parts assembly companies.

Shaanxi Auto 09 lightweight tractors creatively use lightweight and high-strength frames. The unique 243mm stringer design in China has a more reasonable structure with a low center of gravity and light weight.

The suspension system uses parabolic-shaped leafless spring technology, reducing the number of leaf springs, high-strength materials, and a new corrugated board structure and light-weight saddles, so that the vehicle's weight is reduced by 500 kg compared with similar models.

The unique multi-power fuel-saving switch in China has the three-level conversion function of no-load, medium-load and heavy-duty, and it is perfectly matched with the fuel-saving constant temperature fan and the fuel-saving and broken-cylinder technology. The fuel consumption of the vehicle is reduced by 2.6-4.2 liters/hundred kilometers; Special 9-gear transmission, unique double intermediate shaft structure, advanced and reliable, long service life; matching Hande MAN technology single-stage reduction bridge, high transmission efficiency, low cost, high transportation efficiency.

The cab is made of high-strength new materials. High-strength anti-collision steel beams are installed inside the right and left doors. The ECE-R29 standard crash test ensures the safety of the cab. Weichai WEVB engine exhaust valve brake patent technology Increased dynamic performance by more than 55%, and it is safer and more reliable to reload long distances downhill.

DeLong F3000 tractors are divided into lightweight version, high-speed version and enhanced version of the three versions, from the name we can distinguish between the three versions for different market needs, different versions of self-heavy weight are also different, the user at the time of purchase Need to choose the model that suits you according to your needs. It is not advisable to use a lightweight version of the overload. For more details, please read the “Installation Guide for Demolition of the F3000 Series Vehicles of Shaanxi Auto Industry”.

It may be that SAIC's overloading capability is too impressive. It may be that SAIC Motor did not explain the difference between the three versions to the users before the sale. Many truck users from the Trucking House Forum had problems with the vehicle due to the heavy load of the lightweight model. Lightweight is a double-edged sword for Shaanxi Auto. The user still has to choose lightweight models according to their needs.

At the 2010 Beijing International Auto Show, SAIC Iveco Hongyan held a launch ceremony for lightweight products with the theme of “Light Moving the World”.

Like the HOWO lightweight model at the SINOTRUK Business Conference, SAIC Iveco Hongyan also weighed this lightweight Jessie on the spot, with 8.38 tons, which is convincing with figures.

Compared with the heavy-duty lions, the lightweight Jessie has improved and upgraded on the following basis:

The lightweight lion adopts a high-strength steel single-layer frame frame beam, which is not only light weight, but also has strong resistance to twisting and impact, and the yield strength is improved by nearly 50%. The frame assembly is optimized in design and the weight is reduced by 300 kg; the vehicle can be effectively reduced. Height to improve vehicle safety.

The Jieshi lightweight tractor adopts a parabola-less leaf spring. The less leaf springs not only reduce the weight of the vehicle body, but also increase the ride comfort and comfort of the vehicle while ensuring the vehicle carrying capacity.

Jieshi lightweight tractor adopts a disconnected balance shaft, which can effectively reduce the weight of more than 50 kilograms. Moreover, this kind of balance shaft assembly is simple and easy to maintain; the balance bearing is lubricated with grease, and the oil seal oil leakage phenomenon is fundamentally eliminated.

When the vehicle turns, the rear axle will shift, and the role of the thrust rod is to prevent the axle from shifting. The general straight thrust rod can only prevent the front and rear axles from shifting back and forth. Instead of using the V-shaped cross-bar thrust rod, the Jieshi lightweight tractor can prevent the rear axle from shifting back and forth, and can also prevent left and right shifts.

In addition, the rear suspension, drive axle, and tire configuration of the Jessey lightweight models also changed significantly. For example, the radial tires were replaced with vacuum tires, and the vacuum tires were 20kg lighter per tire, and the 6×4 hauled the entire vehicle. About 800kg is saved, and the economy is fuel-efficient, and it is more safe and reliable. When the tire bursts, the air pressure reduction process takes a long time. Usually, the vehicle travels down to 1-2km to fully reduce the air pressure, effectively ensuring the safety of driving.

Jieshi series heavy-duty trucks are positioned high-end, and the cab using European technology has high comfort. The CURSOR 9 engine can fully exert its fuel-saving performance under the high-speed conditions of the standard load.

The impression left to people before the North Pentium is also a superb carrying capacity, especially suitable for overloading. But now the market is also a drastic change, the rule super-let the former "steel man" become no longer popular, the decline in sales data is the best proof.

Beiben introduced a brand new cab this year. It changed the old face of old days. The new cab has undergone three years of research and development. It covers various types such as Changgao, Changping, Zhongchangchang, and short cab. It is stylish, safe and comfortable. , durable. The frontal large V-shape runs through the front face from top to bottom, with obvious brand features.

In addition to the new, North Ben show car has a feature is: light. "In the minds of users, Beiben heavy trucks can be "dragging and running" and are suitable for heavy loads. Therefore, it is easy to leave a heavy and heavy stereotype.

Beshun wants to change the user's inherent impression that Beiben Lightweight Tractors will lose 100 kilograms under the same configuration as domestic brands. The newly optimized chassis uses a large number of new materials and technologies such as aluminum alloy wheels, super single tires, aluminum alloy cylinders, fuel tanks, disc brakes, few leaf springs, disconnected balance suspensions, and high-strength material single-layer frames.

The new technology dump trucks with full-scale technology upgrades match the Mercedes-Benz dual-reduction bridges that are unique to Beiben Heavy Trucks, as well as spare parts such as leaf springs, disconnected balance suspensions, and standard hole-high-strength material frames that can more easily meet the demand for conversion. .

● Postscript

See here is not that the technical route of several major manufacturers are basically the same? In fact, lightweighting is a systematic project, not all of these points listed in the text can be included, in addition to the material and new structure to reduce the weight of the vehicle, but more importantly to ensure the performance of the vehicle through a reasonable match .

In addition, the need to remind users is that lightweight is not overloaded! Although there are no differences between the lightweight models and the original load capacity of some manufacturers during the promotion, the premise is that under the load conditions, if they are overloaded frequently, they should not choose lightweight models.

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