Gaoling makes every effort to build the city of heavy trucks in Western China

Located in the Xi'an Haohe Industrial Park in Gaoling, tower cranes and machines roar. The heavy truck city in Western China led by Shaanxi Heavy Gas is rapidly emerging here. This year's re-introduction of more than 10 auto parts projects with an investment of nearly 8 billion yuan marks the beginning of a new stage of high-tech leading, big industry support and strong radiation.

In recent years, Gaoling County has transformed its economic development mode through innovative development ideas and achieved a historic leap from “a traditional agricultural county” to an “industrial county”. Last year, the county's GDP reached 11.768 billion yuan, and it maintained a growth rate of more than 30% for three consecutive years. The total industrial output value and general budget revenue of local governments have increased by more than 40% for three consecutive years. For the first time in six consecutive years, Xi'an has been awarded the First Comprehensive Evaluation of Xi'an Target Responsibility, and has been the "Top Ten Counties" of Shaanxi Economic and Social Development for three consecutive years. It has been ranked among the "Top 100 Counties in Western China" and has been awarded "National Financial Eco-County County" and "China's Most There are more than 100 honorary titles such as "Development Potential County" and "China's Top 200 Most Characteristic Potential Demonstration Counties".

In order to make the automobile industry cluster bigger and stronger, Gaoling County adhered to the lowest investment cost and the best policy principles and successfully attracted the construction of auto parts projects into the zone. Together with the Shaanxi Automobile Group, it focused on building automotive R&D, production, testing and sales. , logistics in one of the modern high-tech equipment manufacturing base, planning an area of ​​11.83 square kilometers. Started construction of the Xi'an Gaoling Commercial Vehicle Productivity Promotion Center and the Automotive Engineering Innovation R&D Service Center of China's Western Auto Parts Base. The Xi'an Automobile Industry Alliance was established to improve the base's service systems such as science and technology, information, management, and incubation. The project construction continues to accelerate.

At present, the base has completed investment of more than 8 billion yuan, "seven connections and one leveling" covers an area of ​​6 square kilometers, 62 auto parts companies have signed in, and domestic and foreign well-known companies such as Cummins, CIMC, Hande Axle and other 28 auto parts projects Completed and put into operation one after another, more than 30 large-scale auto parts companies, including Shaanxi Bowei, Shaanxi Hengda, and Yunding Group, are also under construction.

Driven by large-scale enterprise radiation, more than 360 enterprises with a total investment of more than 50 billion yuan have already settled in Gaoling, and 268 have been completed and put into production, forming five major categories: equipment manufacturing, petroleum equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical chemicals, new materials, and agricultural and sideline products processing. Pillar industry. Since last year, the 6 billion yuan investment in the Xiangjiang International Fortune Wealth Center, the investment of 4.8 billion yuan in Guangzhou and Shengshi Garden, and the investment of nearly 2 billion yuan in the Westbound Group Zhaohui Square Comprehensive Development Project have all started.

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