June chemical market as a whole weak coking benzene sudden rise

Due to the lack of downstream demand, the chemical market remained weakly consolidated last month. The reporter saw from China Chemical Industry Network “100 Trends in the June Petrochemical Market” that there were 10 chemical products that showed an upward trend last month, which accounted for 15%, which was a decrease of 23% compared with May, and 42 chemical products that showed a decline. Accounted for 61.76%.
Coking benzene led the list, showing that the price rankings for last month's top three were coking benzene (21.15% increase), coking crude benzene (20% increase) and hydrofluoric acid (anhydrous) (a 16.9% increase), and Increases are all above 15%.
Among them, the domestic coking benzene market showed a stepwise upward trend in June: At the beginning of the month, due to the high domestic benzene inventory and aniline, styrene, a large number of devices have not yet affected the operating rate of the device, the coking benzene market was in the doldrums; in the middle, the international oil benzene market was low Concussion, domestic supply gradually seeks profits from Europe and the United States, driving the passive rise of the coking benzene market; in the second half of the year, coking benzene prices have followed international crude oil prices.
As the upstream of coking benzene, the trend of coking crude benzene is directly driven by the coking benzene market trend. Due to the obvious uptrend in the oil and benzene future market, it is expected that the market for coking crude benzene will fall within the affordability of downstream companies, and the market will continue to grow steadily.
The overall downturn in the chemical market data also showed that in June there were 16 kinds of products to maintain shock consolidation, the price was flat, accounting for 23.53% of the total number of products, compared with May increased, an increase of 23.06%, the overall showing consolidation shocks. Among them, the sufficient supply of hydrochloric acid in the market resulted in a marked weakness in prices and a low price consolidation. Judging from the current situation, the hydrochloric acid market will operate at a low level.
In addition, there were 42 chemical products that showed a decline in June, the same as in May, accounting for 61.76%, and the decline was more dispersed, with a larger drop in epichlorohydrin (-21.47%) and acetone (-20.72%). Sulfur (-18.80%). This shows that the current chemical market is still dominated by weaknesses.
The increase in the supply of low-cost raw materials, increased pressure on the company's inventory, and the downturn in downstream demand made the overall chemical market downturn. The decline in the chemical market was the bottom of the market. As the most important factor for the improvement of downstream demand did not appear, the rising base was still weak.

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