Servo Motor Type Injection Machine for Pet Preforms

Model NO.: BM-1000A
Computerized: Computerized
Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008
Suitable Material: Pet, PE,PP,ABS,PC,PVC,PPR...
Shot Weight: 162-8100g
Clamp Tonnage: 1000kn-13000kn
Machine Type: Standard, Variable Pump, Servo Type
PLC: Techmation Made in Taiwan
Mold Thickness: 150-1400mm
Tie Bars: 380X350mm-1350X1280mm
Heat Power: 7.6-85.25kw
Weight: 3400-76000kgs
Name: Servo Motor Type Injection Machine for Pet Preform
Trademark: BORUN
Transport Package: Standard Export Package
Specification: 100Ton-1300Ton
Origin: China
HS Code: 8477101090
Servo Motor Type Injection Machine for PET Preforms
BM series plastic injection molding machine has moving platen featuring box type bridge structure and full-connected rear high-rigidity mold platen. Through finite element analysis, it can prevent deforming of mold platen, resist against fatigue, have high repetition accuracy, distribute mold closing force uniformly, greatly increase mold's service life and reduce the molded parts cost.
Servo Motor Type Injection Machine for Pet Preforms
Clamping unit:
1. Internally-rolled 5-point double toggle mold clamp structure, greatly increases rigidity and precision of the mold clamp unit.
2. With box type bridge structure, moving platen, and high rigidity continuous rear platen reinforced through finite-element analysis, we guarantee that the mold platens are not deformable and are durable.
3. The tie rods are made of high quality structural alloy steel plated with hard chromium, with high mechanical strength and fatigue strength.
Injection unit:
1. Use of double guide posts and dual-cylinder balance injection device, guarantees that balanced and uniform forces are applied on the screw during injection and moving forward.
2. High quality alloy screw nitride or with chromium plating, and nitride barrels, are protected against corrosion and fatigue, which greatly increase their service life.
Lubricant unit:
1. With use of volumetric electrical lubricator, automatic centralized lubrication and uniform oil distribution in the pipeline, the machines have high lubrication efficiency and long toggle life. Hydraulic unit:
2. Well-known oil pump and control valves in the world are used, to execute accurate controlling over the force, speed and direction of hydraulic mechanism and ensure the accuracy, reliability, stability and durability of the machine.

Model Clamping force
Mold thickness
Tie-bars space
Heat power
Oil pump motor power
BM-1000A 1000 150-400 385x350 7.6 11 4300x1500x1600 3400
BM-1320A 1320 150-420 410x375 8.2 13 4500X1600X1700 3900
BM-1400A 1400 150-420 428X386 8.2 13 4800X1600X1700 4200
BM-1650A 1650 170-440 455X425 8.2 15 5000X1600X1700 5000
BM-1800A 1800 180-470 480X460 11 15 5300X1600X1750 5500
BM-2050A 2050 190-470 490X464 11.6 17 5400X1600X1750 6000
BM-2300A 2300 200-510 510X510 11.6 18.5 5700X1800X2000 6500
BM-2600A 2600 200-550 554X554 15.5 25 6100X1700X1800 8000
BM-3000A 3000 220-600 580X580 15.5 25 6500X1800X1800 9000
BM-3400A 3400 270-650 640X640 17.5 30 6700X2000X1900 10800
BM-3850A 3850 280-680 680X680 17.5 30 7000X2200X2000 11500
BM-4500A 4500 280-710 720X720 20.5 37 7300X2300X2400 13800
BM-4800A 4800 280-750 750X720 23.4 15+25 8300X2200X2200 16300
BM-5200A 5200 290-780 770X740 28.1 18.5+25 8600X2200X2250 20000
BM-5800A 5800 290-810 800X774 28.1 18.5+30 8750X2200X2300 21800
BM-6500A 6500 350-860 860X819 37.1 25+30 9200X2200X2400 26000
BM-7500A 7500 400-960 961X961 40.9 30+37 10700X2300X2700 38000
BM-8500A 8500 400-980 1016X980 42.5 37+37 11000X2400X2750 45000
BM-11000A 11000 500-1150 1230X1105 63 128 14000X2900X4100 63000
BM-13000A 13000 600-1400 1350X1280 85.25 160 13200X3100X3600 76000

Main Parts list:
NO. Parts Name Brand Origin
1 Hydraulic Motor DAN DUN Italy-China
2 Hydraulic Oil Pump HIGH-TECH Made in Taiwan
3 Proportional Hydraulic Valve HUAYE Made in China
4 Transducer Gefran
Made in Italy
5 Sealing Rings HALLITE Made in USA
6 Reversal Hydraulic Valve SUNNY Made in USA
7 High-pressure Vitta Barthez Made in Portugal
8 Contactor LG Made in Korea
9 Air-break Switch LG Made in Korea
10 Computer TECHMATION Made in Taiwan
11 Limit Switch OMRON Made in China
12 Proximity Switch SCHNEIDER Made in China
Servo Motor Type Injection Machine for Pet Preforms


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