Guodian Futong P92 steel pipe parts passed the technical appraisal of the national ministry

On September 21st, the P92 steel pipe fittings jointly developed by the headquarters of the company, Beijing Guodian Futong Technology Development Co., Ltd. (6 District) and the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Construction Research Institute, were organized by the China Electricity Council. The technical appraisal has reached the international advanced level, thus realizing the localization of China's P92 steel pipe fittings. At this point, Guodian Futong Company has officially become the only professional enterprise in China that can design and produce all kinds of high temperature and high pressure pipe fittings.

With the development of China's power industry “three big one special” (large coal power, large hydropower, large nuclear power base, UHV transmission), the generator set is also developing in the direction of large capacity, high parameters and environmental protection. As a new type of steel developed on the basis of P91 steel, P92 steel is widely used in ultra-supercritical thermal power units. However, the P92 steel pipe products used in China are mainly imported. Therefore, how to implement the localization of major technical equipment for ultra-supercritical units has been put on the agenda, and the localization of P92 steel pipe fittings for ultra-supercritical units has become an urgent issue for domestic equipment manufacturing.

State Grid Beijing Electric Power Construction Research Institute advanced planning, was established in November 2004, and was undertaken by Guodian Futong Company to carry out "P92 steel pipe parts development and welding process research." In the past two years, Guodian Futong Company has invested more than RMB 3 million in systematic and in-depth research on P92 steel pipe fittings for ultra-supercritical units. It has mastered the design, manufacture, inspection and stress of P92 steel pipe fittings for ultra-supercritical units. Core technology such as state, and successfully researched P92 steel pipe fittings. The P92ID406.4×97 hot-press elbow developed by the company and the hot-pressed equal-diameter tee of ID248×60 are typical in ultra-supercritical units, and all performance indexes have reached the international standards such as ASME. The quality is equivalent to the level of imported pipe fittings.

Guodian Futong Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise controlled by the main body of State Grid Beijing Electric Power Construction Research Institute. It was established in 2002. The company is based on high-tech achievements, mainly engaged in power system energy-saving, water-saving, environmental protection, high-pressure pipe fittings and resource recycling products such as technology development, product sales, equipment support and engineering contracting, and its products sell well all over the country. And successfully entered the international market. Recently, the company was jointly selected by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Bureau of Statistics as “the most growing small and medium-sized industrial enterprise in the country in 2006”.

Over the years, the company's high-temperature and high-pressure pipe fittings have maintained a market share of more than 60% in the field of high-temperature and high-pressure pipe fittings for thermal power plants in China. The independent research and development capabilities and processing and manufacturing processes have reached the international advanced level. The company's main products include power plant Boiler double casing dense phase pneumatic ash removal system, power station boiler dry slag discharge system, biological fluidized bed sewage treatment technology widely used in domestic sewage treatment, large diameter high temperature and high pressure pipe fittings, tubular belt conveyor Machines and power station oil treatment devices are the first in China, filling the gaps in the country and reaching the international advanced level. In June 2006, the P91 steel pipe project developed by Guodian Futong Company passed the project acceptance inspection organized by the National Development and Reform Commission. In August 2006, China's first supercritical unit P91 steel hot section push elbow was off the assembly line of Guodian Futong.

The company's controlling shareholder, State Grid Beijing Electric Power Construction Research Institute, has been committed to the research and development and localization of high-temperature and high-pressure pipe fittings for various generator sets. It has undertaken the “Development of Large Diameter Forging Tees” and “Large Diameter” of the former Ministry of Electric Power. National key scientific and technological research projects such as the development of welding tee and the development of large-diameter welding tee of 600MW unit. Among them, "Development of large-diameter welding tee for 600MW unit", "Development of spherical tee for F12, 10CrMo910 and 15Mo3 steel", "Research on high-temperature and high-pressure pipe fittings for computer design", and "Development of P91 steel pipe fittings" have passed. He was awarded the second-class national science and technology progress award and the ministerial-level scientific and technological progress award. In 2001, the institute also undertook the national key project “Study on the equipment and process of pipe bending for the West-East Gas Pipeline” and passed the ministerial technical appraisal.

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