Development and application of double-fixing valve oil pump

At present, most pumping wells at home and abroad use tubular pumps. Since the tubular pump fixed valve is unidirectional, during the oil pumping process, the crude oil coming out of the formation enters the pump through the fixed valve and is discharged to the ground. During the pumping process, it was found that the liquid in the well passed through the fixed valve. On the one hand, the liquid contained impurities, and the fixed valve could not be restored to the original position, and would always be in an open state; on the other hand, the liquid entered the pump through the fixed valve. The fixed valve fails due to wear or erosion of the liquid. If the fixed valve of the single fixed valve pump does not work, then a non-periodic pumping operation of the well is required.

In response to this problem, the scientific research personnel of the underground technical operation company of the Tuha Petroleum Exploration and Development Headquarters jointly carried out experimental research with the workshop of the 12th block oilfield of Georgia, and changed the single fixed valve of the oil pump to the double fixed valve, which is the fishing type. Double fixed valve oil pump. This pump has achieved good results in the application of the national 12 block oil field in Georgia.

technical analysis

1 structure

The structure of the double fixed valve pump is to add a fishing fixed valve and a fixed valve fishing device based on the ordinary pump. The fishing fixed valve and the fishing device are the fishing claws from the top to the bottom (connected to the piston of the pump through the thread), the fishing head (connected by the threaded and fixed fishing valve), the circlip, the adapter, the secondary seal , fishing fixed valve cover, ball, ball seat and pressure cap.

The cylindrical fishing claw has two hook-shaped grooves in opposite directions, and the fishing head is welded with a cylindrical cross bar. The groove width of the hook groove is slightly larger than the diameter of the cross bar, and the cross bar enters or disengages the hook groove. The connection or separation of the fishing claw and the fishing head can be achieved.

2 Working principle

The fishing type fixed valve is manually hung on the fishing claw, and is transported by the piston of the pump to the upper position of the supporting nipple, and then loaded with 419 to 918. The two secondary sealing rubber rings gently pass through the steel ring due to the compression effect ( With chamfer on 60b and chamfer under 30b), the sealing rubber ring and the supporting short joint are sealed together. At this time, the circlip at the upper end of the valve body enters the supporting nipple at the same time. The circlip shrinks and sits tightly on the supporting nipple. Inside, the valve body can not go up during work, and the pump body rim supports the circlip on the valve body, so that the valve body can not descend, so that the two achieve a first-level seal. When the fixed valve is set, the rod is lifted to the original hanging weight and rotated 1~2 times, so that the fishing head is transferred from the hanging position of the fishing claw to the vertical position of the trough, and the salvage head is lifted to remove the fishing claw from the salvage head. After opening, for the anti-shock distance, start the pumping unit, the fishing fixed valve starts working.

Before checking the pump, the part of the pump failure should be judged according to the oil well diagram. If the fixed valve fails, the pole should be deepened and the pole should be reversed for 1~2 times. At this time, the salvage claw of the salvage catches the salvage head. The fixed valve is salvaged (in the process of reverse fishing, the operator should carefully observe the change of the displacement of the pole. If the pole moves downward during the rotation, the rotation should be stopped immediately, which proves that the salvage is successful. By careful observation To ensure the success of salvage and prevent the counter-torque effect, repair or replace the new valve and re-enter the well. If the part above the fixed valve fails, it is only necessary to take out the replacement of the piston, but if the operation of the well has reached the pumping cycle, it must be taken out after all the pumps are taken out.

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