The "new platform anti-ice vibration technology" project was successfully completed, and the technical achievements realized the industry...

The development of oil and gas resources in the polar and sub-polar areas, sea ice is the control load of the marine engineering structure design, how to build an anti-ice vibration marine platform is a common problem faced by the international petroleum engineering community. China's Bohai Bay region is rich in oil and gas resources, but it is also a sea area with severe sea ice disasters in winter. The sea ice in the Bohai Bay region has been seriously threatened by the safety of offshore oil and gas production in China.

In order to solve the worldwide problem of anti-ice vibration of offshore platforms, an economical and safe offshore oil platform was built in China's offshore ice area, namely, Bohai Bay. During the fifteenth period, the National 863 Program has significant key technologies for exploration and development of Bohai Oilfield in the field of resources and environment. Specialized in the "new platform anti-ice vibration technology" project, this topic is aimed at solving the key technologies for designing and constructing anti-ice vibration platform, including "establishing a practical dynamic ice force model" and "introducing optimization based on traditional design". "Design theory", "Using the most advanced vibration control technology to reduce the ice vibration of the platform", CNOOC Research Center and Dalian University of Technology, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin University, Harbin Institute of Technology jointly undertook this topic After more than five years of hard work, the research team solved several key problems in the construction of a new anti-ice platform, and achieved a series of outstanding results in the design and construction of the anti-ice vibration platform. Ice-induced vibration control and structural optimization technology, new anti-ice vibration platform design On July 5, 2006, the subject successfully passed the acceptance inspection organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In 2005, the research team and CNOOC Tianjin Branch cooperated to apply the research results to actual engineering projects, successfully built and installed the world's first offshore new oil and gas production platform with ice vibration control and monitoring system - Jinzhou 20 -2 North high-point new platform, on-site observations show that the new platform has a good performance in the winter when it is put into production, and it has reached and exceeded the platform's anti-ice vibration index, which greatly reduced the engineering investment. The safety of the platform personnel, the facilities and the normal production of the gas field are guaranteed, and the anti-ice vibration technology that marks the subject has been greatly successful in practical application. The Bohai Sea area is the main battlefield for offshore oil exploration in China. Recently, there are several oil fields in the Bohai Bay ice area to be developed. In the next five years, China will build dozens of platforms in the Bohai Sea. The anti-ice vibration technology of this research platform is very Good application prospects, not only that, the research results of the project will provide technical support for the safety of existing platforms in the Bohai Ice Area, and will be of great significance to the formulation of future ice platform design and construction standards and the development of the entire international marine oil and gas industry. The benefits and social significance are considerable.

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